The Best New Fragrances of 2023 (So Far)

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Actress Thalia Barbarova applies perfume at her dressing table in 1925. Photo by Sasha/Hulton Archiv...
Actress Thalia Barbarova applies perfume at her dressing table in 1925. Photo by Sasha/Hulton Archive/Getty Images.
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Your signature fragrance is a deeply personal preference. The right scent has the power to uplift and inspire confidence; it can also reinforce memories of the past that you hold dear (no wonder some folks keep the name of their favorite eau de toilettes under lock and key). As you embark on the new year, why not consider changing your scent to fit your new aspirations and resolutions? We’re tracking the latest scents released in 2023 here—all of which will surely inspire and, more importantly, make a positive first impression, expressing your mood and personality before you even utter a hello to whomever is in the room.

Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum Intense

This new, bewitching iteration of Gucci Bloom celebrates headier bases of patchouli and crystal moss accord. The orange blossom absolute scent, paired with the most aromatic bouquets of jasmine and tuberose, have the power to transport you to far-flung, fragrant fields. Overall, this perfume has a more serious vibe, with deeper end notes that ooze sensuality.

Cartier Oud Vanillé Les Heures Voyageuses

For decades, Cartier dominated the classic musk scents with Must de Cartier. Now, the French house’s newest scent is even more fabulous—moreover, it’s a scent you will carry with you all year. The sweet vanilla and oud wood is, of course, perfection for winter getaways by the fire just as much as it is for those balmy summer nights by the beach.

Whind Néroli Bronzé

Every single note in Whind’s Neroli Bronzé fragrance is gorgeous—making it one of our favorites this season. Rich but certainly not heavy, the orange blossom and neroli combination will be a timeless scent that embodies effortless sophistication.

La Bouche Rouge Bleu

Inspired by the majestic photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Bleu’s aromatics carry you through the artist’s aesthetic vision. Lavender and pink pepper top notes give a serene olfactory experience, rose and geranium dominate the mid notes, and a base of fragrant cedarwood is, in a word, intoxicating.

Sisley Paris L’Eau Révée d’Hubert

This is European chic personified. The geranium notes are perfect for spring, and carry this resplendent scent into aromatic bliss. The d’Hubert includes nuanced yet captivating notes that call to mind a cool stream of water dotted with greens, bursts of citrus, (our favorite) geranium, and even mint to add a new layer of flavor.

Liis Lucienne

It’s hard not to fall in love with this fragrance, which evokes warmer temperatures and a chic, head-to-toe, all-white linen ensemble. Allow the fragrant water lily and dragon fruit notes to waft around you, bringing subtle harmony any time you walk into a room. Lemon zest and magnolia lead the flavors of this fabulous and crisp springtime scent, which wears beautifully on the pulse points.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

This classic blend beloved by many has been reissued with new packaging: woven Millefiori jacquard bows inspired by the historic Maison Faure ribbon makers. Dior does the ultimate justice in celebrating aromatic damascus rose with a touch of peony that keeps the fragrance clean but seductive. There is a tinge of white musk that envelops the topnotes and grounds the citrus, too.

Jo Malone London Osmanthus Blossom

Even though it veers on the fresh side, this is a particularly alluring scent. Part of Jo Malone’s limited-edition blossom collection, this is one of four creations from the brand that were inspired by native flower-bearing trees in mainland China. While Osmanthus’ notes are on the crisper path, the layers of apricot and soft suede impart not only a stately elegance but a seductive, carnal aura when worn.

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Clementina

Those who love timeless, classic spring scents will love this latest fragrance from Aerin; it will surpass your expectations. It’s crisp, ultra-feminine without being too weighty, and blends honeysuckle, jasmine, and bergamot sensationally. You may just find yourself wearing it all year round.

Ellis Brooklyn Florist Eau de Parfum

Even those who love the muskiest scents on the market will fall for Florist’s floral medleys. It’s a harmonious combination of the most attractive florals: golden gardenia, Lily of the Valley, exquisite tuberose petals, and lemon Sfuma.

Leland Francis Cowgirl

We loved wearing this perfume for weeks on end. Cowgirl does a lovely job of melding the top notes—bergamot and jasmine—to present a charming scent. It’s unquestionably an upper in terms of olfactory mood-boosting, without being childishly sweet or grandmotherly floral. The middle notes are heavenly jasmine, geranium, and soothing orange blossom.

BVLGARI Man Rain Essence

This is an eau de parfum cologne geared for men, but undoubtedly gives off genderless vibes. Inspired by the healing and emotional powers of rain, the very fresh and woodsy scent infuses notes from green tea, orange essence, white lotus, and crystal musk—making it unique, unforgettable, and enchanting.

Kilian Paris Can’t Stop Loving You

This super charming, deeper musk floral fuses together beautifully the signature Killian deep amber base note to perfection. The standout flavors we think however are the cascades of orange blossom, Madagascar vanilla and oak moss that deliver regalness to their newest scent. Additionally, the subtle hues of Somalian incense that you pick up on help balance the florals so they’re not overly sweet.

Tom Ford Cherry Smoke Eau de Parfum

Unisex and very sexy, this scent’s end notes carry an indelible smokey vibe that lasts all day. Brimming with enticing saffron, white flower bouquets, and even a tinge of apricot grounded by olive and leather, this is an unforgettably divine dark cherry scent.

Aedes de Venustas Amnesia Rose

A silky floral fusion that will resonate with those looking for more intensity in their rose fragrances. Amnesia Rose has bijou woodsy undertones that merge with the perfect proportion of pink peppercorn and saffron to make this a stand-out classic. The notes are luminous to the senses, very clean—yet seductive, which is not an easy feat for rose-based scents.

Trudon Mortel Noir

This erotic scent should be worn with nothing but your own confidence. The fusions of myrrh, black pepper, and Somalian incense will intrigue all who come across this unique aroma—just note that it is on the intense side. Nonetheless, we thought the benzoin resin—a rich, vanilla-like scent—is the most delightful element to Trudon’s latest eau, as it lingers like rich velvet on the skin throughout the day and evening.

Guerlain Jasmin Bonheur

Enticing and fragrant apricot, deep violet, and fresh orange notes merge to enhance the jasmine palette in Guerlain’s newest scent. Inspired by Henri Matisse’s 1951 painting Mille Et Une Nuits, this fragrance has just the right amount of sweetness and sophistication to take you through both winter and spring.

Byredo Unnamed

An attractive, rich scent that’s layered perfectly for winter nights, the limited-edition relaunch of Unnamed from Byredo summons images of the deepest forest greens, lush with dark flowering violets and wispy soft iris petals, steeped in spicy peppers and fruit undertones that give a subtle jolt of joie de vivre.

Parfums de Marly Valaya

If fine powdered sugar had a signature scent, this fanciful creation would be it. A light but sweet floral with a very, very subtle musk, Parfums de Marly’s Valaya was inspired by the 18th-century cotton petticoats that would lay closest to a person’s bare skin. This perfume’s notes are soft, brimming with gorgeous vetiver, mandarin, and orange blossom.

Jo Malone London Rose Blush

Blissful in every sense of the word, we love this floral creation from Jo Malone London to no end. The newly relaunched limited edition perfume absolutely checks all the right boxes, as a clean and crisp rose concoction that’s still sexy with your daytime apparel as well as your strapless LBD for cocktail hour. The nuanced white musk lends the perfect addition of softness, paired with basil and lychee.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist

Something a little different from your usual eau de toilette, but totally chic nonetheless: you can now indulge in Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle scent in the form of a hair mist. Spritz this woody-yet-floral perfume all over your coif–and sneak a little bit on your neck and pulse points as well. It’s that good.

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