The Best New Beauty Launches of September

a photo of a woman with silvery eye makeup and dark mauve lips
Photographed by Alasdair McLellan, Styled by Alice Goddard. Hair by Anthony Turner, makeup by Lynsey Alexander.
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With such an enormous range of beauty and skincare products (celeb-backed or otherwise) released each month, how can you discern whether the latest moisturizer, mascara, or lipstick is actually worth purchasing? That’s where we come in. W publishes a monthly roundup of the best beauty products that launched recently—genuine game-changers you should consider purchasing. Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur, an avid makeup collector (slash borderline hoarder) or you’re simply browsing for something fresh to add to your beauty regimen, these are our favorite new products, which we recommend incorporating into your repertoire.

The finest pigment included in this exquisite jewel-toned palette is the divine emerald hue. Try it as a smoky eye paired with the pearlescent white as a top coat for fall—the epitome of French chic.

This powerful, plant-based, skin-brightening serum by Epicuren minimizes the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin discoloration. The hero ingredients are a trio of tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and bakuchiol. This is an active serum—so make sure first to apply the Soothe Dermal Repair Mist, followed by the Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Serum, then apply the Brightening Serum. Finally, apply your moisturizer. (And don’t forget sunscreen!)

Microneedling is one of the best ways to boost your skin’s collagen and elastin production. Editrix Wellness just launched an at-home microneedling stamp (not a roller, as those may tear your dermal layers) that delivers a powerful fusion of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, stabilized vitamin C, niacinamide, peptides, and water extracted from inside grains of rice. Each kit contains two glass, serum-filled microneedles; the needle heads are made up of 20 sterile, hair-thin, gold-plated surgical steel needles. It’s the only microneedling device on the market that comes preloaded with serum and is disposable, so there is zero chance of contamination. One kit provides a two-week supply for noticeably tighter, brighter skin. The recommended usage is for 4-6 weeks consecutively to see best results.

Several factors make this new eye serum a powerhouse in helping tighten and restore the eye area to look its most vibrant. Red algae composition revives the skin around the eyes to optimal vibrancy, botanical Calanthe extract helps with overall upkeep of eye elasticity, and one of Sturm’s most effective skincare ingredients—her proprietary blend of Purslane Extract—is a super antiaging skincare ingredient that gives an unmatched radiant glow and dewy appearance.

This rechargeable LED therapy device from London-based oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Maryam Zamani targets wrinkles and dullness occurring around the eyes. The LED masks come with disposable hydrocolloid eye patches infused with peptides, sodium hyaluronate (a more penetrable salt form of hyaluronic acid with a smaller molecular structure) and niacinamide. Use this product three to five times a week, or as needed, for seriously vibrant under-eyes.

Typically, face oils dole out emollience but lack water-based hydration because of their chemical composition. Noble Panacea has conquered that scientific hurdle by developing a specialized, trademarked OSMV encapsulation technology that can deliver hydration through time-released hyaluronic acid, oil-controlling Saw Palmetto oil, skin barrier-protecting raspberry seed oil, and nourishing plum kernel oil to deliver seriously soft skin. Each dose is individually packaged to use morning and night—perfect for popping in your bag before work or while traveling.

One of the most potent eye creams released this year visibly reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and puffiness. Chantecaille’s powerful, firming dose of tetrapeptides; its new proprietary botanical sugar ingredient, as well as hyaluronic acid help plump the whole eye area and make your tired peepers a thing of the past.

Of late, we’ve been besotted by anything and everything this hair care line has released. Shu Uemura’s newest launch is one of the most convenient hair restoration treatments available at your fingertips, literally. The overnight one-to-two pump leave-in hair treatment is to be applied on dry locks to deliver soft, frizz-free—and most importantly—healthy hair in the morning. There’s no rinsing necessary and hair doesn’t feel weighed down in the slightest.

We are currently in a sea of retinol serum launches—but this truly is one of the more distinct active retinol emulsions to come out this year. While it does contain bakuchiol—one of the most common plant actives for skin renewal—it also incorporates shea butter, which we all know is a very powerful skin-soothing agent (often a necessary one to integrate into your skincare routine when going to retinol route). Shea butter is often ideal for those who like retinol but experience sensitivity. Extremozyme enzymes (derived from plants that thrive in high salt environments) also work to restore suppleness to the skin, battling free radicals and dehydration in particular.

If you’re searching for an SPF foundation that delivers a gorgeous glow-matte finish, this will not disappoint. The two standout wow factors are the fermented kefir—which helps regulate microbiome balance—and the brand’s lab composition of niacinamide, which not only aids in hyperpigmentation reduction, but with continued use, also works on diminishing fine lines. Additionally, this product is workout-friendly as it’s non-comedogenic, transfer-resistant, and fragrance-free.