Emma Stone Chops Inches Off Hair, Unveils Icy Platinum Bob

Emma Stone debuts new bleach blonde hair color, via stylist Mara Roszak

Just when it seemed like so many other major celebrity were deciding to have a redhead summer (see: Billie Eilish, Emily Ratajkowski, and, temporarily, Florence Pugh), iconic redhead Emma Stone decided it was time to try something else.

On Monday, Stone’s longtime hairstylist Mara Roszak debuted the actress’ icy new hairstyle via Instagram. “Cool Girlie summer Bob chop chop,” Roszak captioned the post showing off Stone’s bleach dye job and bob cut. “We’re so into it!”

Stone’s new hair is visibly shorter and lighter than her previous look. The asymmetrical cut (pieces in the front are slightly longer than the rest for dimension) ends just near Stone’s chin and has a bit of wave to it. Celebrity extensionist Priscilla Vales also incorporated some extra length to Stone’s look by way of individual extensions.

“When asking for a chin-length bob, know that the cut should be a tiny touch longer in the front for subtle dimension,” Roszak told Vogue. “Emma just went bleach blonde, so this was the perfect time for a cut to give her a healthy refresh.”

While Stone has historically fallen somewhere between brunette and redhead territory, she’s no stranger to the platinum look (she is a natural blonde, after all). This bob, though, seems to be one of her shortest cuts to date. Usually, she’s kept things around shoulder-length finished in some sort of wave or slight curl.

However, like many this summer, it seems that Stone wanted some change. As early as May, the 34-year-old was sporting a shortened version of her auburn hair, though with less layers than her new look. About a month after, Stone began to add in some texture to her shortened style, which is more or less the same cut she has now.

In June, she debuted a new, albeit subtle, look for a Louis Vuitton event—slightly wavier than her previous one. While her bleach locks may be a drastic change to some, it seems that Stone spent the summer secretly working her way up to achieve the look.

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