This Hailey Bieber-Approved Duo Rescued My Skin

Furtuna Skin’s olive-based oil and balm deliver intense hydration and glow—even in the dead of winter.

by Eleonore Condo

a vial of golden face oil and a jar of blue face balm, both from the brand Furtuna skincare, against...
Images courtesy of Furtuna Skin. Image treatment by Ashley Peña.
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I first learned about Furtuna Skin the way I learn about most things these days: scrolling through TikTok. As I mindlessly stared at my phone, my thumb stopped, hovering over a woman with basically the best skin I’d ever seen. She detailed her routine, and amongst her products was a jar filled with a cerulean balm, Furtuna’s Rinascita Delle Olive Replenishing Balm. Babe, you know I started Googling. From there, I was led to their Due Alberi Biphase Oil, which I quickly learned is a staple of the Patron Saint of Good Skin, Hailey Bieber. Well, my parched winter face and I did something called “add to cart,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

The first thing you’ll notice about the balm is that it’s blue, thanks to spirulina, an alga rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It also contains organic dandelion, which supports collagen production; hawthorn for brightening; soothing St. John’s Wort and wild carrot; and the brand’s hero ingredient, olive oil, harvested from the brand’s own estate in Sicily (chic). Many of the botanicals are naturally high in vitamins A, B, C, and K, all of which are vital to maintaining youthful, nourished skin. I use the balm as the last step in my evening skincare routine—I love how it locks in moisture, and I love how it smells light, earthy, and very relaxing before bedtime.

While I end my days with the balm, I’ve been starting them with the Due Alberi Biphase oil. Yet another unique product, this oil requires shaking before use since it contains both olive oil and nutrient-dense olive-leaf water—hence the “due,” in the name, which is Italian for two. Also mixed into this potent cocktail: Calendula, which helps filter blue light, and blackberry, which contains antioxidants and vitamin E that defend against an array of environmental exposures. I love the thin slipperiness of the oil and how seamlessly it glides on: My skin feels shielded and moisturized but never greasy.

Along with looking and feeling hydrated and glossy, I’ve noticed a new healthiness in my skin. As I’ve begun to incorporate retinoids into my routine, I’ve been impressed by how healing Furtuna’s balm can be if I accidentally go too overboard, and how protective the oil is throughout the sunny-but-cold days of winter. Truth be told, I rarely benefit from scrolling on my phone, but we’ll call these discoveries a win.