Stop Showing Ayo Edebiri Photos of Her Coworker Shirtless

Ayo Edebiri wins the award for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Series  Musical or...
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With all the glitz and glam that surrounds actors, especially during awards season, it’s easy to forget that when they get dressed up to the nines for an evening like the Golden Globes, they’re technically on the job. Yes, their office life is different than most of the world. Their “bosses” may be directors and they may have to regularly kiss their coworkers in front of dozens of people (and cameras), but that doesn’t negate the fact that they’re still professionals, and this is their career. Some may not see it that way as they toss back a fourth glass of champagne to get through the seemingly endless mid-tier jokes at an event like the Globes, but Ayo Edebiri very much does. And for that reason, she would love it if you all stopped flaunting shirtless images of Jeremy Allen White in her face.

Edebiri has seen the recent Calvin Klein campaign images of White, shirtless (and pantsless) on a roof, flexing his muscles while lounging on a couch and munching down on an apple. Of course she has. We all have. The images were virtually inescapable following their recent release and Edebiri is known to be particularly “online.” But when celebrating an evening like the Golden Globes, where she was nominated for the first time (and subsequently won) for her role in The Bear, one can assume the last thing Edebiri wanted to talk about was her costar in his tighty whities. Still, she was forced into that conversation more than once throughout the night.

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While speaking with Access Hollywood on the red carpet on Sunday night, Edebiri was confronted with the image for the first time. In a video posted to Access Hollywood’s TikTok account, one can see the actress’ immediate disgust upon seeing the photo. “Jeremy, put that away,” she says. Edebiri continues, expressing her happiness for her costar’s successful campaign, before going on to explain why showing her such photos may be inappropriate. “I do feel like I want people to understand, he’s my coworker.”

But clearly, Extra didn’t get the memo, because later in the evening, she was shown the photo again, this time in front of White and the rest of The Bear cast. Extra even went the extra mile and printed out one of the images on giant poster paper, so Edebiri could really get a look of her coworker’s goods. But she was having none of it, and the second the interviewer whipped the poster out, she sprang into action, taking it out of his hands, and placing it gently on the wall, facing away from them. “This is a work function,” she said. And she’s not wrong.

It’s obvious why the media continues to shove these images in poor Edebiri’s face, because her reactions are hilarious, and each of the videos above further prove Edebiri’s already undeniable charisma. But imagine if you were in her shoes, walking into a work event and, not only immediately getting confronted with photos of your coworker shirtless, but being expected to react with the knowledge that your response to such images will be broadcast worldwide. Stressful to say the least, but Edebiri handles it like a pro. Sorry, Golden Globe winner Edebiri handles it like a pro. And luckily, it doesn’t seem to have affected her relationship with White. The two celebrated their respective wins into the evening, and hopefully, Edebiri didn’t have to see him shirtless anymore following that second incident. We know, many would kill for just a glimspe, but let’s give Edebiri a break.

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