Bella Hadid Deserves an Emmy for That Giggle in the Ramy Season Three Trailer

Bella Hadid in the Ramy season three trailer
Courtesy of Hulu

It’s finally here, the first glance at Bella Hadid in her acting debut on Ramy Youseff’s Hulu show, Ramy. Hadid’s cameo on the hit show was announced back in March, and the duo, who became close while working together, recently teased what to expect from the model’s role, but now, we finally get to see it for ourselves. In a trailer for the third season, released on Wednesday, Hadid appears for just a split second, but we’re already ready to give her the Emmy.

Hadid doesn’t pop up until the end of the trailer, but she’s worth the wait. The model plays Lena, who seems to first connect with Ramy when she matches with his best friend, Steve, on Muslim Match. “You don’t have to be Muslim?” Ramy asks his friend, eliciting a silent giggle from Hadid. “Nah, they’ll let anybody on,” Steve responds.

According to Deadline, Hadid will be a “recurring guest star” on the show, so that means we’ll hopefully get to see a decent amount of her in season three. In an interview with GQ, Youseff and Hadid revealed that the model will be playing a “weirdo girlfriend.” While it was initially assumed she would date Ramy, it now seems her relationship will actually be with Steve.

“People probably thought that my first acting job would be something super sensual and sexy,” Hadid said in the interview, implying her role on Ramy is neither of those things. In fact, Youseff said the plot written for Hadid’s character is one of the “weirdest scripts” he has ever penned. “And that says a lot.”

We won’t have to wait too long to see Hadid actually speak a line on the show. Season three of Ramy premieres on Hulu on September 30th. Hopefully, they don’t delay her appearance too long into the season.