Euphoria Fans Can’t Stop Poking Fun at the HBO Show’s Depiction of High Schoolers

Alexa Demie on Euphoria
Eddy Chen/HBO

Euphoria season two is finally here, which means you better block off your Sunday nights for the next few months, because they’re about to be spent watching high schoolers make questionable decisions for an hour every week while covered in glitter and not much else. After a multi-year hiatus, Euphoria triumphantly returned with the season premiere that was expected of them, one filled with drugs, over-the-top beauty looks, and a hint of violence. And while fans ate up every last bit of Cassie’s bathroom antics and Maddy’s “no fucks given” attitude, they also love to poke fun at the HBO show, considering the over-the-top depiction of high schoolers. Rarely do we see the characters in class, or even carrying a backpack for that matter, and the looks they wear everyday have some people questioning if the creators of the show have ever actually stepped foot in a high school.

Like everything on the Internet these days, the outfits on Euphoria have prompted a TikTok trend. In the videos, someone walks out in normal clothes and a backpack. “When you’re on your way to school but almost forgot you transferred to Euphoria High,” the text on the screen reads. At that moment, Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants asks, “And why aren’t you in uniform?” The creator then steps back out in a more Euphoria-appropriate fit, which usually includes mesh, a lot of skin, and very high heels.

But that’s hardly the only meme Euphoria season two has prompted. It seems like everyone on Twitter has a joke to make about the beloved show, so we gathered up the best commentary to hold you over until episode two.

The Students’ Transcripts

It’s hard to imagine these students are doing well in school, consider we’ve hardly ever seen them crack open a book.

Some Fashion Inspiration

There have been many moments in pop culture history that either directly or indirectly inspired the Euphoria’s costume department.

Staffing Ideas

In case East Highland High School (aka Euphoria High) needs some new faculty, Twitter has a few ideas.