Beyoncé Goes Full Club Goddess to “Summer Renaissance” Clip for Tiffany & Co.

Beyoncé holding up her hands in a black-and-white video ad for Tiffany & Co.
Courtesy of YouTube

Beyoncé has kept fans waiting for the visual components to Renaissance since the album’s July 29 release. While she released an Easter egg-filled teaser for “I’m The Girl” weeks ago, she hasn’t yet dropped a full music video. In the meantime, fans have a brand new promotional film for Tiffany & Co. soundtracked to “Summer Renaissance,” the final track on the album. Titled “Lose Yourself in Love,” the black-and-white clip is “an homage to the joy of being one’s unapologetic self” that was inspired by New York City circa the heyday of Studio 54.

The Mark Romanek-directed video begins with Beyoncé making her way down an alley in a voluminous cape with dramatic puff shoulders. She takes it off upon arriving to a club, revealing a glittery asymmetrical dress that matches the jewels found on the cast of 90 dancers waiting for her. Of course, Beyoncé gets the best and the brightest of the baubles—most notably a platinum engagement ring with a 10-plus-carat diamond and a HardWear necklace made specifically for the campaign. They’re both in full display in the closeup of Bey that ends the video.

Each of Beyoncé’s campaigns for Tiffany & Co. have shaped up to be moments since she and her husband Jay-Z signed a deal with the luxury jeweler in August 2021. First came their photoshoot guest-starring a rarely seen Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, which also saw Beyoncé become one of just four women to ever wear the 82-carat stone known as the Tiffany Diamond. After that, we got Beyoncé serenading Jay-Z with a rendition of “Moon River.” This one takes the cake—and let’s just hope it’s the first of many more Renaissance visuals to come.