Diane Keaton Hated Those Viral Thigh-High Snakeskin Boots

Diane Keaton wearing thigh-high snakeskin boots

Diane Keaton’s personal style is unmatched, so when photos emerged last March of the actress wearing a wholey un-Keaton look—an oversized white button down atop a pair of skin-tight snakeskin pantaleggings—it was quite the surprise. Of course, there was an explanation, Keaton was filming a Freaky Friday-esque movie called Mack & Rita, which hit theaters this past weekend. But despite the fact that it was all in the name of the craft, Keaton still can’t help but hate the look.

It doesn’t help that the film is using a picture of Keaton in the outfit as the major promotional image. “I’m looking at the picture from Mack & Rita that they’re selling of me and what I’m wearing. It’s not attractive—those legs are like sticks,” Keaton said in an interview with Vogue. “It’s so stupid!” The scene in which Keaton wears the controversial look takes place just as Elizabeth Lail’s character, Mack, finds herself in a 70-year-old woman’s body, of course wearing her former 30-year-old clothes. Keaton continued, unsurprisingly saying she would never wear those clothes in real life. “It’s terrible, are you kidding? That white thing with that belt around my waist…and those legs? I’ve never seen anything worse. And the fact that we put on those leggings with those boots? I mean, that’s scary.”

If Keaton’s upset about the look, she has nobody to blame but herself. As co-producer on the film, she had a heavy hand in the wardrobe. “Are you thinking I didn’t pick out those clothes with help? I did,” she said. “That was my choice. I’m taking the hit for that one.”