Emily Ratajkowski & Her Dog Don't Care That They "Fake" Pose For Paparazzi

Emily Ratajkowski is seen taking her dog for a walk on August 30, 2023 in New York, New York.
Photo by MEGA/GC Images

Like a multitude of New Yorkers, Emily Ratajkowski finds great joy in taking her German Shepard Colombo for strolls around her downtown neighborhood. Unlike other New Yorkers (or most, we should say), she wears everything from lace-trimmed mini dresses to completely sheer pieces during these walks. Outfit antics aside, Ratajkowski and Colombo’s outings have come to double as a runway of sorts—while most would slap on any ol’ outfit, the model consistently outdoes herself.

Back in August though, a video of the model walking her dog went viral with critics saying her outfit adjustments were a deliberate attempt to pose for the paparazzi. Some even went as far to say she called the paparazzi on herself, which we’ll let you be the judge of. “Please I have secondhand embarrassment so bad from this,” one user wrote. “Not her dragging the dog into it,” another snarked.

While yes, Ratajkowski’s does appear to be posing for the cameras, who wouldn’t adjust their outfit or put on their best model mug if they had cameras tracking their every step? Other commenters were more sympathetic towards her cause. “Ohh this is so uncomfy. Honestly if I was out walking my dog and someone started taking pics of me I would probably act like this,” one said.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Well, after weeks of speculation and a barrage of ensembles, Ratajkowski has finally provided an explanation. On a new episode of her High Low With EmRata podcast, the 32-year-old had the perfect rebuttal to her detractors.

“If I have 10 photographers around me and I’m walking the dog, I’ll make sure that my body’s in a certain position to look good,” she said. “I’d like to see anybody get photographed as much as I’m photographed and see if you look perfect in every fucking picture.”

Let’s be honest—most celebrities, knowingly or not, pose for the paparazzi. With probably the only exception being Beyoncé, who goes through great lengths to avoid cameras, stars are known for extending their strides or pouting their lips when paparazzi come around. Ratajkowski is one of the only to cop to it, though.

“It’s either you’re trying too hard or you’re being thirsty and a loser for trying to look pretty for these pictures. Or you’re mid-sentence and the light is whatever and you don’t have sunglasses on and you’re a mess and you’re ugly,” Ratajkowski explained. “That’s just the existence of being a woman,” she said. “People just really love to hate on women. You can’t get it right.”

Despite the drama surrounding her dog walks, thankfully, the model is not letting her critics get to her. “To let random people take that joy away from me, it’s not allowed. I’m just not going to let that happen,” she said. Touché.