Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Did Actually Break Up, But It’s All Good Now

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 07: (L-R) Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez attend the Tom Ford AW2...
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The old axiom that communication is key to a healthy relationship remains true, even if (or especially if) you happen to be Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The golden couple’s image was rocked last Friday afternoon when both TMZ and Page Six independently ran stories claiming the couple had split. The fact that it came just hours before the weekend (a time that publicists like to dump major information in an attempt to dim the possibility it dominates the news cycle for an entire week) added credence to the idea. Yet, days later came the news that the couple hadn’t actually broken up at all.

Finally, Page Six seems to have gotten the story straight: the couple did actually break up, though very, very briefly. However, they’re now back together after a deep talk and a long night of soul-baring. The gossip column’s source claims the reconciliation came “thanks to a frank, heart-to-heart talk last Friday night and a weekend spent together in the Dominican Republic.”

In fact, Page Six says the situation turned around so quickly that they were both ready to signal to the public that they were still an item by Saturday afternoon. There were paparazzi photos of the pair together again by Sunday. That’s a big sea change from Friday, when the couple was reportedly ready to figure out how to split up assets and tell their children (all from previous relationships) about the breakup.

Apparently, part of the problem was distance. The couple had been together nearly every single day since the beginning of the pandemic, but were spending their first extended period of time apart in months, while Lopez works on her film Shotgun Wedding.

While we cannot fully endorse international getaways in the middle of a pandemic, a “frank, heart-to-heart talk” is necessary to long-term relationships. Lopez and Rodriguez certainly won’t be the only couple going through another round of shock and readjustment as the world slowly continues to open back up.