Julia Fox is the New Meme Queen of TikTok

Julia Fox in Versace with black eyeliner.
Photo by Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

If you thought Julia Fox was going to fade quietly back to the underground without Kanye West at her side, you obviously haven’t been on TikTok lately. The woman is almost single-handedly keeping the meme engine on the video platform going. Not only have multiple Fox soundbites gone viral, there are now several new filters to help you get Fox’s now-signature smudged black eye makeup. That’s in addition to the proliferation of impassioned video essays explaining why Fox is the perfect post-modern celebrity, and the actresses’s own occasional viral content on the platform. In other words, Fox has made a mark on TikTok as thick and notable as her eye shadow, and in the process, demonstrated her cultural staying power.

Here, a breakdown of the many, many different ways in which Julia Fox-inspired content has wooed TikTok.

Unkah Jams

Ah, Fox’s first viral TikTok moment of which you’re, more than likely, already well aware. During a guest appearance on Alexandra Cooper’s incredibly popular Call Her Daddy podcast earlier this year, Fox fielded a question about whether or not she was a muse; she answered in her signature drawn-out inflection, “I mean, I was Josh Safdie’s muse when he wrote Uncut Gems.” For whatever reason, Fox’ pronunciation of the title of her breakthrough movie took TikTok by storm—it was soon elevated to near-surrealist audio art by the end of its meme cycle. For her part, Fox says she was a little bit stoned during the interview.

Fox, by the way, is in on the joke.

“I Did It Myself, Yeah ...Yeeeahhh”

It turns out “Unkah Jams,” was no one-time phenomenon. A soundbite of Fox telling a red carpet reporter at Vanity Fair’s Oscars after party that she actually did her own makeup for the event is now reaching similar levels of TikTok saturation.

“It’s So Far a Masterpiece, If I Do Say So Myself”

Proving she can provide multiple viral options in the same night, a second soundbite from an interview at the VF party blew up, in which Fox proclaims her upcoming book a masterpiece. Even Marvel star Simu Liu has gotten into it.

The Julia Fox Eye Makeup Filters

Yes, you may have noticed that TikTok now has filters to help you easily look like Fox, too.

The Julia Fox Video Essays

Lest you think everyone on TikTok is mercilessly making fun of Fox, she’s actually garnered a devoted fanbase on the platform—and they’re more than ready to explain to you her genius as a modern celebrity in three minutes or less.

...And Then There’s Fox’s Own Content

Fox actually joined TikTok all the way back in the summer of 2021, and hasn’t bothered to create new content since her fame skyrocketed. But this week, new clips from her account have surfaced—most notably, this video of her singing Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.”