Julia Fox Just Created a Full Outfit Out of One Pair of Jeans

Julia Fox denim look
Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Julia Fox must be trolling us at this point. Granted, if she is, she’s extremely good at it. The actress knows we’re watching her, knows we’re writing about her eye makeup and her dominatrix-inspired looks, and in return, she’s giving quite the show, and she has pretty much completely mastered the craft. With one, LA-strolling look, the actress managed to get our attention, show off her body, and comment on the current state of trends in the fashion industry.

OK, we may be giving Fox too much credit, but it can’t be a coincidence that she took three major trends and pushed them so far to the extreme it forces one to question everything they saw this past season on the runway, can it? Over the past two and a half months of the Julia Foxpocalypse, we’ve come to expect a lot from the multi-hyphenate, and this look fits squarely in that vision.

On Thursday, Fox stepped out in a pair of jeans and...that’s it. Seriously, the actress managed to make both bottoms and a top out of one pair of jeans, and the result must have Miuccia shaking. Fox seemingly took the pants and chopped off about four inches from the waist line, creating an extremely low-rise style with a raw edge. She then took the leftover waist, turned it around, flipped it upside down and wore the piece as an ultra-mini crop top, the kind we’ve seen walking the runway the last two seasons at Miu Miu, but somehow almost more extreme. The raw edge of the top skims Fox’s chest, threatening a wardrobe malfunction at any second, giving the actress an almost intangible air of nonchalance mixed with confidence—she knows the top won’t fall or reveal anything, but if it does, who cares?

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

But Fox’s jean quota wasn’t reached with her homemade set, so she paired the ensemble with her two favorite accessories these days, boots and a bag from Alexander Wang, both also in denim. In fact, the 5-Pocket Hobo bag, which she has been carrying religiously lately, fits perfectly with the absurdity of the rest of her outfit, resembling a pair of jeans tied at the legs to create a bag. The result of the look all together is the perfect balance of absurdity, camp, commentary, and pure Julia Fox, but it also doubles as a possible reentry for the podcast host into the world of design. Fox started her now-defunct fashion line, Franziska Fox, in 2014 with her longtime friend and current stylist Briana Andalore, but she has recently expressed interest in returning to the world of design.

“I think I’m just a natural creator, in any medium I get excited about,” Fox told W back in February. “And I love clothes. I think they’re the first wave of self expression that us humans use. So, you know, it’s more than just clothes.”

Who knows, maybe the Waist Line Ultra Crop Top will be Fox’s first available product when she gets her business up and running again.