For Julia Fox, the Makeup Wasn’t Bold Enough

Julia Fox eye makeup
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Julia Fox truly does have a unique sense of style. She wanted her controversial Paris Couture Week eye makeup to be “more, bigger, smudgier,” she loves Kanye West’s Red Wing boots (“They look like an action figure or a video game character. I love that vibe.”), and she’s affectionately labeled her current style era as “dominatrix couture.” Basically, Fox doesn’t play by the rules, which may explain why she’s hitting it off so well West. In fact, Fox described a gravitational-like pull toward West when she first met him back in Miami all those weeks ago and in a recent interview on the popular Spotify podcast, Call Her Daddy, the actress recounted the first month or so of Juliye, and what’s to come for the world’s most out-there couple.

To start, Fox and West do call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend,” at least according to Fox. “It’s just natural,” she said. Unfortunately, the interview was filmed a few weeks ago, before her headline-making birthday party at Lucien, which ended in West gifting, not just her, but all her best friends Birkins. Because of that, Fox couldn’t comment on the festivities or the Kim K lookalike West has been seen out with as of late, though considering Fox’s extreme laidback attitude, one wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t care at all.

As for the real Kim Kardashian, Julia seems just as unbothered. She knows she’s worn some pieces similar to those Kardashian has worn in the past, but to the self-proclaimed Kardashian fan, that’s part of the fun. “It is unfortunate because women are always being pitted against each other,” Fox said of the current narrative regarding her and Kardashian. In fact, she feels like the discussion of Fox’s Kim-like style should be more focused on West. “The conversation should be like, ‘Wow it’s amazing to see how heavily influenced Kim was by Kanye.’”

Of course, these days, it’s Fox who’s being influenced, though who knows what shape that may or may not take next. Fox emphasized that their relationship is very much “on a whim.” Between West’s new reported fling, and Fox’s fatigue over her current ubiquity on social media, the actress may be ready to leave the “dominatrix couture” life behind and the stylist that came with it, and move on to her next era.