Julia Fox Proves Her Loyalty to Leather

Julia Fox Leather
Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Figuring out your personal style can be an important moment in the life of the fashion-inclined, and lucky for Julia Fox, she had her style epiphany years ago, and she’s stayed true to the aesthetic ever since. Fox has been very outspoken about her past work as a dominatrix, and her go-to look has clearly been influenced heavily by this experience. Last month, she attended the Versace fashion week show in a full leather ensemble complete with a ponytail wrapped in “pleasure tape” to resemble a whip. Fox even told the New York Times she considers her aesthetic to be “dominatrix couture,” a fitting descriptor considering her affinity to leather.

So, when Fox stepped out in Los Angeles on Wednesday in a full leather look, no one was shocked. In fact we’ve seen many of the pieces she wore for her afternoon stroll before. The actress donned an itty bitty black leather mini skirt, one she wore out in Milan in February, with a leather jacket on top, belted to create a kind of peplum shape. Fox even added leather gloves to the look, although she went with a black pair as opposed to the bright hued hand wear popular among stars recently.

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

And if Fox’s favorite fabric is leather, denim comes in at a close second, so it was fitting for the podcast host to pair the leather set with some jean-themed Alexander Wang accessories—a pair of Viola 65 Slouch Boots in a light acid wash, and a favorite of Fox’s, the 5-Pocket Hobo bag in the same color, meant to resemble an upside-down pair of jeans knotted together. She was also spotted carrying the leather pant version of the unique bag last month.

The result of these quirky accessories on a black leather base is quintessential Fox who, in just a few short months, has solidified an aesthetic-loyalty rivaled only by a baggy Balenciaga clad Justin Bieber or a Y2K-loving Olivia Rodrigo. We will most likely never see Fox in a flowing cotton dress or even a bright pink look, though of course if it’s pink leather, that could be a whole other story.