All The Cool Girls Went Off The Grid for NYE

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker

Spending NYE in Miami or Las Vegas, ringing in the New Year among hundreds of strangers in Versace mesh knockoffs, and swapping spit with the guy you met at the bar at 11:15 PM is a luxury we can no longer afford. Gone are the days of overpriced ticketed events and standing in line for well drinks. On the eve of 2022, we traded in sparkling sets for sweat sets and dance floor remixes for vinyl records. The verdict is in, all the cool girls stayed in this year.

In the first days of the new year, Instagram has filled up with photo dumps depicting how various celebrities spent their last moments of 2021. Many of their plans followed a similar theme President Biden and Dr. Fauci wish they could have come up with for their latest stay at home campaign: cozy isolation. Kendall Jenner shared a glimpse into her weekend spent with boyfriend Devin Booker in a log cabin (albeit one most likely bigger than Honest Abe’s) in the woods. There were crocheted sweater vests, fireplaces, and, of course, 818 Tequila. As a whole, the photos told the story of a comfy, quaint few days spent off the grid.

Gigi Hadid, meanwhile, embraced a similar aesthetic for her New Year’s weekend. Most likely holed up on her Pennsylvania farm, the model spent the past few days making homemade pizzas and exploring fungi with her daughter, Kai. Her own photo dump, like Jenner’s, evokes the immediate desire to light a fire and open up a full bodied red.

For two It girls, the decision to escape to the woods for arguably the biggest party night of the year is a notable one. Hadid has been promoting the “off the grid” lifestyle for awhile now, making a case for farm living every time she posts from her own abode on Instagram. As a result, others have followed. Dua Lipa spent some time around the end of December in the country with friends, though she headed to St. Barths for a concert on the 31st. Bella Hadid, unsurprisingly, often spends some time in Pennsylvania as well, tending to her horses on the farm, though from the looks of her own NYE photo dump, she opted to stay in the city this year. Meanwhile, Hailey Bieber made herself at home among donkey and sheep as well as by the sea.

Even those who didn’t escape to a country house still had a low-key end to 2021. Joey King shared a photo from what seems to be a casual night, considering she has a tissue stuffed up her nose, while Sabrina Carpenter represented her evening with a pic from bed. It’s unclear where Kristen McMenamy spent NYE, but it also looked to be out in the woods, though she brought some big city energy in a bright outfit and leather boots.

This escape from the cities, from over-planned nights in bars and at events, can easily be explained by the current rise of COVID-19 cases throughout the globe, with many choosing to stay in either to avoid catching the newest variant or passing it on. Alternatively, after months of staying in, followed by a few of heading back out again, it’s possible these famous women have realized they prefer the former—a cozy night in over a night on the town with the risk of being papped. Either way, we love seeing responsible celebrities, and we raise a glass of Jenner’s 1997 Mouton Rothschild as a toast to them.