Kristen Stewart is a Fan of Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana Too

Emma Corrin as Princess Diana
Ollie Upton/Netflix

There was a glitch in the Princess Diana cinematic universe today after Kristen Stewart, who will be playing the late royal in the upcoming movie Spencer referenced Emma Corrin’s portrayal of the same character.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stewart revealed she’s a fan of Corrin’s Diana in Netflix’s The Crown. "I watched it probably in one night,” she said of the series. “I think [Emma Corrin] did a really beautiful job. I mean, not to say that my opinion matters at all! But I loved her in it, truly."

While it’s unclear if Stewart and Corrin ever discussed their shared role, they do have one thing in common, their dialect coach. William Conacher, who helped Stewart nail Diana’s accent, also happened to work with Corrin for her role in The Crown as well as with Naomi Watts when she played the People’s Princess in the 2013 film, Diana. Corrin even called Conacher "a fantastic dialect coach,” on the Golden Globes red carpet earlier this year, just hours before she took home the award for her performance.

It’s been almost 25 years since her death, but Diana’s impact and legacy continue to live on. Of course, there’s one more famous face around the corner about the tackle Diana as well. Elizabeth Debicki will take over the role in future seasons of The Crown.