Langston Kerman Created Bust Down With His Best Friends

The actor and co-creator of the new Peacock sitcom just wants to have fun.

Langston Kerman
Courtesy of Matt Coughlin.

“Anytime I get to be silly in a room with a bunch of silly people, I'm a big fan of it,” Langston Kerman says. The actor, who has a recurring role on HBO Max’s South Side and appeared in early seasons of Insecure, spoke to W just days before his next sitcom, Bust Down, premiered on Peacock.

Kerman is not only a costar, but also a co-creator of Bust Down, a new series with fellow comedians Sam Jay, Chris Redd, and Jak Knight. According to Kerman, Bust Down started after Redd was tasked with remaking a British show about four guys who break up with their girlfriends. He swiftly turned to the group chat, which consisted of Jay, Redd, Knight, and himsef—together, they all came up with a show about four friends who work together in the back room of a casino.

Below, Kerman talks about the importance of his group chats, letting silliness take over, and his unconventional strategy for beating Wordle every night.

What's the first thing you read in the morning?

Almost always Twitter. I wish that I was getting up with some book that inspires me and offers me inspirational quotes, or thoughtful takes on whatever’s happening in the world. But truly, I’m going down the timeline and making sure I have as much nonsense packed in my head as possible before I start my day.

How do you get your news?

Mostly Twitter. I think I depend on group chats. This is probably poison for the world, but everybody has their own curated algorithm. Some of the news that I access is not the news that my friends access, and then they bring me their side of the news. Then we have a party, basically arguing about all of our different news.

Are there any good books on your bedside table currently?

I’ve been reading an anthology of ghost stories. Some of that is always fun—I don’t mind bad horror stuff. I read Joe Hill, Stephen King knockoffs. It’s so far from what I actually write and do that it feels like I’m immersed in a world that has nothing to do with me.

What are your favorite social media accounts to follow?

Zack Fox is always hilarious. Ayo Edebiri always makes me laugh. Megan Gailey is great on Twitter. I follow a lot of comedians saying sassy stuff on the Internet.

What’s the last thing you Googled on your phone?

I was looking up a velvet burgundy jacket. Before that, I was trying to figure out exactly what a foyer was. I’m familiar with the word in theory, but I wanted an exact definition of it, not just the theoretical one of something for people with more money than me.

Any TV shows keeping you up at night?

I love Peacemaker. It’s really funny and weird; I love the horrible violence and it’s doing the job. I also love Attack on Titan, that’s an anime series in its final season and they’re doing some really cool stuff. I watch a ton of anime. My Hero Academia is another show that I’ve been watching a lot and they are back with new episodes. I could keep listing anime, but I think you understand where my brain is going.

What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?

I have a five month old, so it had been a while, but we just saw Spider-Man: No Way Home.

You host a podcast called My Momma Told Me, about Black conspiracy theories. What other podcasts do you listen to?

I really like Comedy Bang! Bang! Their willingness to be silly for silly’s sake is cathartic and refreshing, especially now when—and I’m guilty of this too—a lot of us are always trying to make a point with our jokes or do something meaningful for the world. They truly just outright refuse to do anything meaningful, and that’s really nice. I also listen to Conan O’Brien’s podcast quite a bit: it’s just a guy who values the same thing, but is able to have a seasoned perspective on his career, on the careers of others, and on the world as a whole.

What’s the last song or album you’ve had on repeat?

I want to give you an honest answer. Because of the baby, I’ve just been listening to the Encanto soundtrack. That breaks my heart; I wish I could give you a more cool answer.

What’s the last concert you attended?

I went to the Super Bowl, does that count? The halftime show would technically be the last concert. Although, I have to assume it looks way better on TV. The entire stage is set up for one side of the field, and that was not our side. So we watched Snoop Dogg from 60 yards away and could only see half his face, but it was still amazing.

What’s the last piece of art you bought or ogled?

We just bought a piece by Lavett Ballard. She does a mix of collage and found pieces of wood. She built a collage on a fence and carved it out. It’s dope.

Are you into astrology?

I spent my life very anti-astrology. I was like, that’s a waste of time, trying to see if the moon is affecting my personality. But now, with the kid, she’s a Libra and I don’t know many Libras. I wonder if it’s going to affect her personality.

What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

I try to hit 10,000 steps every day, so sometimes I’m pacing in my room trying to finish off a job I should have finished. And my wife and I cheat and do Wordle together. I know people take this very seriously as an independent project, but we do it together. We pass the phone back and forth and take turns, and we haven’t failed doing it that way. So I won’t apologize!