The Tabloids Are Having A Field Day With Leonardo DiCaprio & Gigi Hadid Rumors

Leonardo DiCaprio Gigi Hadid Dating Rumors
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Netflix/Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio has only been publicly single for two weeks, but already people are linking him up with yet another model half his age (OK, to be fair, she’s only twenty years younger than him). You’ve probably heard the rumors and brushed them off as ridiculous hearsay, but at this point, we have no choice but to address them. The very newly-single DiCaprio is apparently interested in Gigi Hadid, and she may or may not be reciprocating those feelings depending on which gossip outlet you read.

We know what you’re thinking, Hadid is 27 years old, past DiCaprio’s infamous, unofficial age limit of 25. He did just broke up with Camila Morrone a few months after her 25th birthday, so either he takes that cut off seriously, or he just has terrible timing. It is possible, though, that DiCaprio is making an exception for Hadid, because while at first the rumors the two were linked sounded pretty far-fetched, as time goes on, they seem to gain (slightly) more credibility.

According to People, nothing too serious is going on between Hadid and DiCaprio at the moment. “They are getting to know each other,” a source told the site, and they aren’t “dating” as of now. That being said, the source added that “Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi.” Still the fact the item appeared on People’s website in the first place is something. Unlike some of its peers, People tends to play it safe when it comes to wild rumors.

Apparently, the two have been “hanging out with groups of people” and they were spotted over the weekend at a Fashion Week party together, according to Us Weekly. Of course, that could very well mean nothing at all. New York Fashion Week is a busy time for Hadid and she’s likely expected to be at many parties, and DiCaprio attending the same one as her isn’t exactly surprising. Even if they did chat a bit, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything is going on between them. But hey, a DiCaprio/Hadid relationship would be an interesting turn of events, and it might mean the actor is turning over a new leaf, and in his 47th year, he’s finally ready to date a woman of the mature age of 27. Then, again, who knows if Hadid is ready to be that woman. All of the men she’s been previously linked to have been within about 5 years of her own age.