Lindsay Lohan To Revive Her Acting Career with a Netflix Christmas Movie

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan photographed by Brigitte Lacombe for W.

Just when you thought Vanessa Hudgens was secure in her reign as the queen of holiday rom-coms made for streaming platforms, here comes Lindsay Lohan, who will continue her attempt at a comeback by starring in an untitled Netflix Christmas movie.

Per Variety, Lohan will star as a “newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress.” Netflix confirmed Lohan’s involvement in the film with a tweet.

After her character goes skiing, she sustains an injury and suffers from amnesia. Then, she “finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas.” You can pretty much guess what probably happens next.

The question of what Lohan has been up to in recent years is something that seemingly never ceases to resurface in conversation. The actress has been living in Dubai as of late, and just last year, she attempted to revive her music career with a new single.

In 2019, the former child star appeared in Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, an MTV reality series about the construction of her Mykonos resort. She also judged the Australian version of The Masked Singer briefly in 2019. But she hasn’t really sunk her teeth into a non-reality television role since her recurring role on Sick Note, a British television comedy vehicle for Rupert Grint, in 2018.

The Netflix holiday film set to revive her acting career has yet to receive a title or a release date, but per the report, production starts in November. The minds behind the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie Christmas Waltz are also behind this one, with Janeen Damian set to direct solo, as well as co-write the script with Michael Damian, Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver.