Madonna Shows She's a Proud Mom in Most Madonna Way Possible

Madonna posing next to a Tracy Emin painting
Courtesy of @madonna

It used to be that on the rare occasion you’d see Lola Leon, Madonna’s 25-year-old daughter, her mom was either at her side or not far behind. But the formerly elusive model and choreographer has slowly but steadily started to embrace stepping into the spotlight, and doing so sans chaperone at that. The most recent instance appears on the cover of Paper magazine, and Madonna, ever the supportive mom, lovingly reposted a portion of the spread on her account. And by a portion, we really mean a portion. The image that Madonna shared on Thursday features a cut-out of a scantily clad Leon... which happens to be photoshopped posing next to a scantily clad Madonna herself.

Why make all that effort, when the official photos and all sorts of throwbacks of the pair were right there? The caption doesn’t offer much in the way of explanation. (“We’re in The Band!!!,” Madonna wrote, adding guitar, drum, and piano emojis and the hashtag “#mybetterhalf.”) But whoever was tasked with executing such an enigmatic vision did quite the job. The collage looks natural enough that Page Six made the headline of its roundup of celebrity appearances “Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon take sexy pic and more star snaps.”

The other half of source material for the makeshift Madonna and Child can be found just a finger tap away on Madonna’s Instagram. The original, posted five days earlier, features a slightly askew Madonna posing next to a Tracey Emin painting of what appears to be a pair of spread legs. And as you can see below, the original image of Leon features a model apparently cast to be, uh, some random dude.

The composite is hardly the first oddity to grace Madonna’s feed. And while she might not follow her mom (or anyone at all) on Instagram, Leon is clearly familiar with her account. Almost as soon as the model joined Instagram, she directed one of her followers right on over to it. In response to the all-caps comment “your mother is an icon sis,” Leon replied, “So go follow her. It’s @madonna btw if u didn’t know.”