Meryl Streep Outs Herself As a Real Housewives Fan

Meryl Streep, unexpected 'Real Housewives' fan
Photo by Mike Coppola via Getty Images

Picture this: Meryl Streep grabs a blanket, a mug of tea (or perhaps even a martini) and cozies up on the couch for a bit of streaming—surely something high-brow like Julia Dicournau’s Titane or Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog. Such type of titles may very well be in her queue, but if so, they’re in some surprisingly unrefined company: It turns out the three-time Academy Award winner regularly watches The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Streep made the revelation while promoting Don’t Look Up, her new Netflix film about two scientists fruitlessly attempting to warn the government that an asteroid is headed directly towards Earth. As director Adam McKay has repeatedly stressed, it’s really about climate change, which is somehow the reason we learned of Streep’s penchant for reality TV. “It’s life,” the 72-year-old actor said of global warming. “It’s right now. It’s happening right now. And what do I do? I go in and watch the Housewives of Beverly Hills. I do that.” At that point, costar Jennifer Lawrence—an enormously huge fan of the show—gasped and clutched her chest in shock.

From there, Streep jokingly suggested that the Bravo show is part of her motivation to take action on climate change. “When I saw the film, I was just blown away and I said [to McKay], ‘Give me a checklist. Give me the first three things we have to do,’” she continued. “It’s so energizing in a weird way, this film, because you come out and you go, ‘Okay now. Fuck it. This is what we have to pay attention to. It all flows from this. If we don’t survive, we won’t be able to watch Housewives or whatever.’” If Lawrence wasn’t an eco-activist before, she surely will be now.