Pose Prepares to Say Goodbye With Tearful Season 3 Trailer

Photo: YouTube/FX.

Grab your favorite silk handkerchief, because the trailer for the final season of FX’s Pose is here. The show, which features the largest cast of transgender actors on television, is taking us back to the waning days of New York City’s BIPOC ballroom culture — and some of darkest days of the AIDS crisis. But, as you can see from the trailer, there is hope, love, and most of all, chosen family.

Season 3 of Pose will take place in 1994. Bill Clinton is president, and the HIV/AIDs has become a full-blown epidemic and is the leading cause of death for young adult Americans. In the trailer, drag show emcee Pray Tell (Billy Porter) comes to terms with his diagnosis, and how it changed the ballroom scene around them as “folks just started dying.” AIDS activism becomes intertwined with their last impact on the LGBTQ+: Blanca (MJ Rodriguez), at a dinner with the crew, announces that their legacy is about all of them together, as a collective.

That theme has always been part of the show, but the trailer makes clear that, in season 3, it will be how Pose wishes to be remembered. As a safe, loving place for misfits of all genders, races, and sexual orientations, and while audiences are sure to cry, they will feel at home with the characters they love. Season 3 premieres on FX on May 2, 2021.