Queen Elizabeth II Is Reportedly Launching a Luxury Dog Cologne

Queen Elizabeth II seated next to one of her corgis
Photo by Keystione/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II has been keeping busy since returning to the public eye for the first time since October, following doctor’s orders to lay low. Less than two weeks after she resurfaced to celebrate her 70th anniversary on the throne, the 95-year-old monarch is reportedly about to launch a new project that proves she still has the stamina for wholly unnecessary extracurriculars. On Wednesday, the Sun reported that the Queen is getting into the fragrance game by rolling out a perfume. What’s more, it’s not intended for humans: For whatever reason, she has developed a scent for dogs. Keeping up with the times, she’s decided to make it unisex.

Developed by the local artisan perfumery Norfolk Natural Living, Happy Hounds Dog Cologne is apparently a “rich, musky scent with citrus notes of bergamot” that smells of “coastal walks.” It has yet to be listed on the Sandringham Estate gift shop’s website, but is set to retail for an affordable £9.99, or roughly $13.57 USD. According to the Sun, the Palace is staying mum on whether or not she uses the “long-lasting” fragrance on her own dogs. If she does, consider it the ultimate sign of approval. The Queen is famously obsessed with corgis; she has said to have bred 14 generations of the pups, and at least 30 have been at her side over the course of her decades-long reign. (Along with a few dachshund-corgies—aka “dorgis”—with names such as Candy and Vulcan.) She even has a corgi graveyard at Sandringham Estate, which is one of the six palaces and castles she calls home.

Queen Elizabeth and her corgis at Sandringham Estate in 1980.

Photo via Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II’s dogs exiting her aircraft at London’s Heathrow Airport in 1998.

Photo by Tim Ockenden/EPA PA/AF

As ardent royal watchers may know, the Queen is not in fact new to hawking wares for canine pampering. Her estate’s gift shop currently lists a £45 Sandringham Happy Hound gift box with an embroidered tweed dog bone and a dog shampoo also scented with “coastal walks.” If you don’t have a corgi or dorgi of your own, fret not: There’s plenty of other unexpected merch available to snap up. (Particularly in the alcohol department, even though the Queen is said to have recently gotten sober.) Current highlights include an official Buckingham Palace gin, a teddy bear named Bumpa, and a nicely packaged IPA variety pack that includes a golden IPA apple chutney.