Rachel Bilson Finally Confirms That She Dated Bill Hader

Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson at the 2020 Golden Globes
Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images

There are certain celebrity couples so surprising, that it seems like there’s no way that the tabloids have got it right. Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader most definitely fall under that category—to the point that Bilson’s friend and former costar (in the 2013 film The To Do List) Aubrey Plaza couldn’t believe it when Bilson finally confirmed that they dated on the latest episode of her podcast Broad Ideas. “Are you serious?,” she asked Bilson, clearly shocked. “I don’t know shit. I don’t know anything.”

To Bilson, it was pretty obvious that they were indeed together all along. “I went with him to the fucking [Golden] Globes,” she replied with a laugh. Their red carpet couple debut at the 2020 awards ceremony came just two months after they were first spotted together, and seeing as there were no events for them to jointly attend amid lockdown, it was unclear if the relationship was the real deal. Then, that July, People reported that six months after going public, the pair had split. (If the tabloids are to be believed, Bilson is now dating the artist Zac LaRoc, and Hader has been in another surprising relationship, with fellow actor Anna Kendrick, for around a year.)

Bilson’s comments all but confirm that she was referring to Hader when she told Mandy Moore about a devastating split on a previous episode of Broad Ideas. “I went through a really hard breakup and it was during the pandemic,” she said. “I could not leave my house, you know what I mean? I had nothing else to do but sit in it, and deal with it and feel it. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done⁠, harder than childbirth.”

This time, Bilson wasn’t alone in sharing new details about her romantic life. Plaza revealed that the screenwriter and director Jeff Baena proposed to her at—of all places—the site of the early 1600s Basque witch trials. They made it official with the help of her witch neighbor, who made her a rosemary crown, and