Rihanna Reportedly Gave Birth a Week Ago

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 01: Rihanna is seen outside the Dior show, during Paris Fashion Week - Womensw...
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The chosen one has reportedly been with us for week. According to TMZ, Rihanna welcomed a baby boy last Friday, May 13th in Los Angeles. Rihanna had last been seen out in public in Santa Monica on May 9th at the restaurant Giorgio Baldi. Her sudden abscense from the public eye had sparked rumors she had indeed given birth.

The father, of course, is A$AP Rocky, whom Rihanna has been publicly dating for around a year. (Though rumors that they were romantically linked first sparked all the way back in 2013.) Rocky, 33, has been positively fawning over Rihanna in interviews since, telling GQ last May that Rih was “the one.”

Rihanna announced that she was expecting in January by enlisting Diggzy, who would go on to become her go-to maternity photographer, to photograph her and Rocky in the rapper’s native Harlem. Rather than state things outright, Rih put her baby bump on full display, per usual proving impervious to the cold by unbuttoning her fall 1996 Chanel puffer jacket (which she topped off with vintage necklaces by Chanel and Christian Lacroix). Once the secret was out, she went on to deliver a string of looks that successfully redefined maternity style, just as the then mom-to-be intended. “It’s been me personally saying, I’m not going to buy maternity clothes—I’m not gonna buy maternity pants, jeans, dresses, or [do] whatever society told me to do before,” she told Bustle in mid-March. “When I saw women dress during their pregnancy [in the past], I’d think that that was the only way. So I challenged myself to push it further and really just have fun with [maternity style].”

Rihanna went on to describe her approach to maternity style as “rebellious,” and we’d have to agree: Who else would show up to a Dior show with just a swath of tulle as coverage for their baby bump? “I think [in terms of] having fun and being creative, I've had a little extra boost of that,” she continued. “And now I don't want it to end. There's going to be the other side of pregnancy, which is like your ‘snap back’ body, and that's going to be a challenge in and of itself. So I'm looking forward to being creative in that [stage] as well.” Of course, it’s only a matter of time before the Navy demands that she redirects that surge of creativity to the very, very long-awaited album that’s come to be known as #R9.