Rihanna Redefines Winter Dressing for Date Night in Freezing NYC

Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images

It’s not a great time to be in New York City. The temperature is sitting nicely in the 20s and a snowstorm is rolling in. If you find yourself pretty much anywhere in the Northeast right now, here’s a word of advice: stay inside. But if you must go out, if you must get that blow out or that cold foam from Starbucks, bundle up. Grab all the puffers you can, and maybe opt for a pair of leggings under your jeans. Unless you’re a celebrity of course, then the rules of nature don’t apply.

Last night, Rihanna stepped out in the chilly, 20 degree weather to grab dinner with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, at famed New York restaurant Pastis. She did wear a coat—albeit a light track jacket from Martine Rose—and she draped herself in a fur scarf from the Prada spring 2011 collection (the green version of which she wore in her 2011 music video for “S&M”), snagged from LA-based Pechuga Vintage, but that’s pretty much where she stopped in protecting herself from the cold. Sure, her Saint Laurent skirt was lined with faux fur, but it barely reached mid-thigh, leaving the entirety of her legs vulnerable to the weather, with only a pair of custom Manolo Blahnik lace-up heels to keep them warm. Of course, Rihanna looked great, pulling off her signature cool girl street style like she does so effortlessly, but I can’t help but want to throw a blanket over her legs and rub them vigorously in order to bring back circulation.

The singer seemingly does not care. Her disregard for the weather is nothing new. Last weekend, Rihanna was also pantless when she headed out to dinner with A$AP. This time, she wore a more substantial jacket, an oversized Balenciaga parka with a Martine Rose football jersey underneath, and she took care to keep her hands warm in some large, Miu Miu gloves. But again, that’s where the concern stopped. On the bottom, the billionaire kept her legs bare, with nothing but her Amina Muaddi sandals covering mere slivers of her legs and feet.

Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images

But Rihanna isn’t alone in this phenomenon. While us normies are rushing around the city in so many layers our original forms are no longer perceptible, throwing style out the window so we can make it to the office without the threat of hypothermia, celebs seem to be impervious to the cold. Last week, Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney took a trip to New York, where she engaged in a few photo shoots to show off her outfits. Like Rihanna, Sweeney seemingly doesn’t have the weather app on her phone. The actress galavanted around in short skirts and thin layers. She looked great, yes, but how can one enjoy fashion when they’re worried about the frozen limbs of their favorite celebrities?

It’s possible these women are warmed up by their talent, their adoring fans, or their ever-growing income. Maybe, the threat of the cold evaporates when you’re dressed in high fashion. Or, both Rihanna and Sweeney are actually freezing, and they’re just braver than all of us, and for that, I give them props (and a complimentary pair of fleece-lined stockings).