Ziwe, Julia Fox, EmRata, and Richie Shazam Sat Down for a Hot Girl Summit

ziwe emrata julia foz richie shazam
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images/Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Converse

A Hot Girl Summit was held at New York City’s hottest new bar on Thursday night, and while the event went largely unreported, a lot of important work was likely discussed over martinis and between hits off a vape. We can only imagine topics such as “how to stay warm while still showing skin in the winter,” “TikTok rants that will have people commenting ‘Queen,’” and, of course, “the impact of third wave feminism on parenting culture” were chewed over and the resulting 2023 Hot Girl Agenda will likely be made public very soon, rolled out by the event’s attendees and distributed to the public through paparazzi photos and Instagram stories.

The heads of the table were none other that Ziwe, Julia Fox, Emily Ratajkowski, and Richie Shazam, who gathered together at Holiday Bar, the latest joint from Kyle Hotchkiss Carone of American Bar and Saint Theo’s fame. The bar doesn’t open until Friday, November 18th, but celebrities like the Haim sisters, Alexa Chung, and Sienna Miller have already warmed its seats, and now the Hot Girls have given it their seal of approval.

A photo on Fox’s Instagram story brought the event to the public’s attention, showing off the foursome bunched together in a booth, sipping on waters, Diet Coke, and the lone martini. Ziwe sported the Hot Girl signature—a furry bucket hat, while Fox wore her go-to leather in the form of a gray KNWLS corset. Ratajkowski and Shazam, meanwhile kept it strappy in black and pink looks, respectively, with Shazam sporting the popular Amina Muaddi Superamini bag.


While this is the first time this foursome has gotten together in such a way, it isn’t completely unprecedented. Ziwe and Ratajkowski have been friends for awhile. The two are extremely supportive of each other, with Ratajkowski making an appearance on Ziwe’s Showtime talk show, and the comedian recently guest starring on the model’s new podcast. Similarly, Fox and Shazam are such longtime friends that they’re basically family. Recently, though, the two groups have been mingling more. Fox is on the new season of Ziwe, which premiered on Friday, and the actress also recently appeared on Ratajkowski’s podcast “High Low.” Of course, when they got together for the taping, Fox and Ratajkowski created as much content as possible, releasing TikToks from their time together, like a take on Emma D’Arcy’s viral “Negroni Sbagliato” sound.

All of these crossovers have created sound bites that have kept the members of the group consistently in the headlines over the past few weeks. Fox told Ziwe that she’s been thinking about dating women, while she told Ratajkowski she doesn’t like sex at all. Of course, Fox and Ratajkowski don’t need to do much to keep them in the public conversation these days. They’ll make it on Page Six with just one pap shot of an out-there look or a hug with Pete Davidson. And now that these four have come together, and created the true Mount Rushmore of hot girls, they’re going to be absolutely unstoppable.