Bella Hadid Goes Full Businesswoman to Promote Her Beverage Company

Bella Hadid on Instagram

Bella Hadid goes all out when it comes to promoting her beverage company. Just two months ago, the model had a complete Sporty Spice era in just a week while carting the drink around New York City and now, she’s going full ‘80s working girl and reminding us that she owns 51% of the company (though technically she owns an undisclosed amount alongside the brand’s CEO and cofounder, Jen Batchelor).

On Monday night, Hadid shared a picture sipping her drink, Kin Euphorics, from a cocktail glass while wearing a bright pink double-breasted velvet coat and some large heart-shaped earrings any Carrington would die for. The model didn’t add a caption to the post, but she did subtly tag Kin’s Instagram account on her glass.

Hadid got involved with Kin this year after first discovering the drink in 2019. At the time, Hadid was facing burnout from a busy career, something alcohol just seemed to exasperate. As a result, she began supplementing alcohol with Kin. “I don’t socially drink nearly as much as I used to,” she told Vogue earlier this year. “You can either take one shot of whiskey to feel better for 20 minutes or you can drink Kin every day to feel better for a lifetime.”

Hence the Kin in the cocktail glass, though it does also complete the look, which is quite the departure from the much more laidback ensemble Hadid posted on Sunday. In that carousel of photos the model wore a tie-dye top, baggy pants, and a crochet bucket hat while walking in a meadow and lounging in a tree. It was one of Hadid’s first posts after she took a brief break from social media following the death of Virgil Abloh late last month, but after a bit of time off, Hadid is back to work.