Bella Hadid Is in Her Diane Keaton-Inspired Style Era

Marc Piasecki

If you pay as much attention to Bella Hadid's street style as we do, you've probably noticed that this winter the model has started heavily channeling a specific vision of menswear into her personal outfits. Lately, it's been a lot of slouchy suits, some oversized ties, gloves, a bucket hat here and there, and dress shirts. But when she was photographed in Paris today in a black leather vest over a white dress shirt and tie with baggy trousers, the throughline of her recent choices suddenly hit us. She is a girl who is in her Diane Keaton-inspired style phase and absolutely loving it.

We get that Keaton is a longtime victim of tabloid worst dress lists and that some people like their celebrity fashion to always be glamorous and glossy (believe us, we got that message pretty clear recently), but in certain corners of the fashion industry, Keaton is a legend. She's the epitome of personal style in a world where stylists and label deals have increasingly pushed it out the window. She set out the way she likes to present herself at the beginning of her career and has stuck to that vision. Fashion comes and goes, but personal style is forever.

Plus, we all know that whatever is "out" eventually comes back "in." In Keaton's case, one second, people are comparing your outfits to the Babadook and some two-bit comedian is taking shots at you in Us magazine's "Fashion Police" column, and the next, the hottest supermodel in the world is channeling your style on the streets of Paris.

L: Pierre Suu, CG Images, R: Bettmann

The vest, tie, and slouchy pants look Bella wore here really set off the alarm bells. Yes, Hadid's approach (paired with a Givenchy handbag) is a little more biker, however, the combo can't help but recall Keaton's famed wardrobe from Annie Hall (which was based on her own style).

L: Pierre Suu, GC Images, R: Ron Galella via Getty

We dug a little deeper and realized that this brown corduroy suit from The Row that we originally called "grandpa style" back in January, was actually similar to a look that Keaton wore in 1978 to the opening of a Richard Avedon exhibit (yes, that's Warren Beatty back there on her arm).

L: Marc Piasecki, GC Images, R: Jason Merritt/FilmMagic via Getty

Okay, the crop top is completely Hadidian, but the small specs, oversized brown outerwear, turtleneck and even the glasswear in public is completely Keatonian. Hadid's suit is Ports 1961, by the by.

L: Gotham/GC Images, R:Ron Galella via Getty

Are you seeing it? Are you feeling it? These aren't the exact same outfit in any way, but there's an undeniably shared vibe.

L: James Devaney/GC Images, R: GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty

In fact, maybe this has been going on for a while because this ensemble Hadid wore last winter is also undeniably Keaton-esque—right down to the hat.

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