Bella Hadid Continues Her Quest to Bring Back Every Noughties Trend Possible

Bella Hadid khaki zip skirt
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Bella Hadid seems dead set to drag back every old trend from the Y2K graveyard, even those that maybe should remain buried. The model is continuing her trolling of Depop to find styles that have not seen the light of a production room in two decades. From a folded, off-the-shoulder blush blouse to enough track suits to quench even Sporty Spice’s thirst, Hadid’s wardrobe has become a time capsule of noughties fashion.

The latest of Hadid’s resurrections is the classic zip-off trend that made for the perfect transition wardrobe piece when JNCO jeans were a little too heavy for the late March weather, but it wasn’t quite time for a mini skirt just yet. While the style is usually reserved for pants, Hadid opted for a skirt version, an old gray nylon skirt that hits at the ankles, with the option to unzip for a knee length style. Hadid, though, kept the skirt intact, pairing it with a structured jean jacket with leather buckles across the chest. The model did decide to keep it more modern when it came to her footwear, opting for the Adidas x Bad Bunny sneakers.

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Hadid wore the ensemble while out at Hudson River Park for a picnic with her equally as vintage-obsessed boyfriend, Marc Kalman who wore a vintage Tommy Hilfiger hockey jersey over a black sweatshirt with jeans and Doc Martens. The pair sat together on a pink knit blanket as they both journaled side by side.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Hadid recently spoke on her Depop-sourced wardrobe in an interview with Vogue. She said she’s not sure if the people she’s buying from know it’s her, though she often gets good reviews. “It’s always like, very sweet buyer! Awesome buyer!” she said. Either way, the model is very proud of herself and the outfits she creates. “I’m dead-on. I know what I like. I always have, since I was young. And I’ve never drifted.”