Beyoncé Elevates A Floral Spring Dress With Opera Gloves

Beyonce posing in a floral spring dress and opera gloves

Beyoncé surprised fans with a treat over the weekend when she ended her two month Instagram break and shared her first post since March 30th. After weeks and weeks of silence, the singer popped back onto the app like it was nothing to show off her ensemble for a lunch date with husband, Jay-Z. In the photos, Bey is wearing a floral, sleeveless Paco Rabanne dress with a dramatic slit inching up to her upper left thigh. But if you’re thinking, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking,” take a closer look at how Beyoncé mixed up this classic spring look.

The best part of the singer’s outfit is likely the matching opera gloves she wore and covered with bracelets and rings. Beyoncé also added a bit of edge by wearing a black lace bra underneath the dress, letting it poke out above the dress’ neckline. She finished off the ensemble with a pair of Alexander McQueen strappy sandals and a tiny black bag.

Beyoncé wore the ensemble while out to lunch with Jay-Z in New York City on Saturday. The rapper even matched his wife a little in his own spring-inspired look, an Isabel Marant short sleeve button down in an eclectic floral pattern, as can be seen in photos from the Daily Mail. The famous couple has been keeping a bit of a low profile over the past few months, so it’s nice to see them enjoying some time together out in the city again, especially after the skipped this year’s Met Gala for a trip to Florida. Hopefully, this latest post is just the beginning of a Beyoncé-filled summer.