Carrie Bradshaw Is Dressing Like A Haunted Doll Again (Complimentary)

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 20: Sarah Jessica Parker is seen on the set of "And Just Like That..." in Washing...
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A lot of people probably think the truest form of their innate personal style is either like a supermodel sex goddess or refined stealth-wealth power matron, but what if the actual avatar of your personal vibe is more “haunted doll?” And what if that’s the ultimate case for fictional-style maven Carried Bradshaw?

Today, actress Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted filming And Just Like That... scenes in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park as Carrie wearing an outfit that seemed decidedly doll-like. That was almost entirely thanks to the oversized, floppy-shaped orange gingham bonnet she wore atop her head. It looks like an artsy version of something an old baby doll or Precious Moments figurine may wear, and judging from the vibes curated on designer Maryam Keyhani’s Instagram, we don’t necessarily think she’d take that as an insult. Kayhani calls this particular model the “cloud hat.”

Parker as Bradshaw also wore a vintage 1970s Ossie Clark color-blocked dress dubbed the “traffic stop” dress. Ossie Clark’s designs remain synonymous with the Swinging London era and remain sought-after collector’s pieces. While the Clark label is no longer in business, the designer’s influence continues to be found on several current designer’s moodboards—and now on Bradshaw.

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The rest of Bradshaw’s outfit consisted of two returning favorites. There was the vintage purple Pierre Cardin monogrammed crossbody bag that Bradshaw wore last season. Then there was a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Shoes’ Original Sandals, which devoted fans may remember that Bradshaw wore occasionally during the original Sex and the City run.

The full effect felt like what Strawberry Shortcake’s cool aunt might wear and reminiscent of another doll-like outfit Bradshaw sported back in AJLT’s first season. You remember the one with the babushka-core headscarf that made her look like the “Oy, Mista! You Me Dad?” doll?

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We know some people may read this as an insult, but we absolutely adore when Bradshaw is in full maximalist mode. This is a character who has ostensibly spent a good portion of the past 30 or 40 years shopping, and it only makes sense that at this point, she’d just pile it all on and dress herself up to her heart’s content. And if the heart wants to be the most stylish doll in the antique store, then all the better. What? Did you think a character like Bradshaw was going to become less eclectic with age?