Chloë Sevigny Is Keeping the Big Pants Trend Alive

Chloe Sevigny is seen on October 24, 2022 in New York City
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There was a time this summer when it seemed like celebrities just couldn’t get enough of big pants. From Tracee Ellis Ross to the Hadid sisters, tight bottoms were a thing of the past, it was all about big and billowy. One would think this trend would continue into fall, and as the temperatures dropped, celebrities would take solace in these large swaths of fabric keeping their legs warm, but oddly enough, the interest has died down over the past couple of weeks. That’s where Chloë Sevigny comes in. The perennial fashion It girl is here to say that big pants aren’t going anywhere, and as we know, whatever Sevingy says, goes.

The actress was seen out in New York City on Monday in a look that perfectly embodied fall. Sevingy wore a blue, orange, and white striped Everlane crew neck sweater on top with a pair of oversized, beige pleated trousers on the bottom. The pants look slightly in need of an ironing, yes, but if the spring 2023 season taught us anything, it’s that we should all ditch our steamers because wrinkles are in. Sevigny finished off the simple ensemble with a trio of black accessories including lug sole shoes, oval-shaped sunglasses, and a Proenza Schouler drawstring tote.

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It’s fitting that Sevigny chose this color scheme for her outing, considering she spent the weekend cheering on the New York Knicks (whose colors just so happen to be orange and blue) at the Madison Square Garden season opener. There, Sevigny hung out with Bella Hadid, who was also in attendance, and took photos on the step-and-repeat with former player Latrell Sprewell. In fact, Sevigny wore more orange and blue on Monday than she did to the Knicks game, where she paired black lace pants with a deconstructed and customized Ralph Lauren rugby shirt and a dark green Balenciaga Cagole bag. But that’s Sevigny for you, always keeping us guessing.

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