Kylie Jenner’s Glass Bag Is the Hottest Accessory of the Moment

Kylie Jenner Coperni Bag

Normally, when a new “It” bag drops, there’s an immediate rush amongst the IG girl to get their hands on it and claim the clout of being first person seen carrying it becomes oversaturated. But that isn’t necessarily the case with the latest iteration of Coperni’s Swipe bag, because if that art-fashion hybrid drops, it will quite literally shatter.

You see, Coperni’s newest bag—which debuted on the arm of Gigi Hadid during the brand’s autumn/winter 2022 show last month—is actually made out of blown glass. Born from a collaboration between the real-life couple and duo behind glassware company Heven, Breanna Box and Peter Dupont, and Brooklyn Glass’ Josh Raiffe, three versions of the ovalesque bags were created for the show, and now they’re finding their way to the arms of celebrities.

It started last Sunday, when both Doja Cat and Tinashe showed up to the 2022 Grammys with the bag on their arms. Doja wore a light blue version to match her Versace dress, an opaque to transparent ombre piece that she stuffed with gold hard candy for the event. Tinashe, meanwhile, paired her Barbie pink GCDS dress with a custom deep red Swipe bag, which she made sure not to drop while posing for the cameras.

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But as many trends tend to do, the bag hit its high point on Wednesday when Kylie Jenner was seen carrying it. The reality star shared photos on Instagram with the clear version of the bag, adorned with devil horns, which she paired with a custom white suit set from Serbian-born designer Isidora Djurovic while doing press for the Kardashian’s new Hulu show. In one of the photos, Jenner even showed off what she can fit in the bag, which, of course, just so happened to be two Kylie Cosmetic products, because we know she never misses an opportunity for self-promotion


The bags walk the thin line between art and fashion, though Dupont insists they’re strictly the latter. “I always have difficulty with this ‘art’ thing, in terms of what we do,” he told i-D. “For me, art is something that doesn’t have a function. You can’t live in it, you can’t eat it; it’s just there and it has an aesthetic purpose. Our pieces always have a functionality and that’s one of the philosophies behind what we do with Heven. This bag is functional: you can put your phone in it, your wallet.” As of now, though, it’s unclear if Coperni and Heven plan to produce the glass version for public consumption. It seems unlikely, as the process to make each piece is fairly involved. According to British Vogue, the glass often must reach a temperature of 3,000°F before it can be shaped. Box said creating the bags was especially tricky because they’re made from just one piece of glass, and they have to “drill in and open it with scissors” in order to form the desired shape. That being said, Dupont assured i-D that more glass bags were coming, specifically outside of their work with Coperni.

“We have a lot of ideas,” he said. “With this collaboration, we had to fit into the Coperni aesthetic. But I’m excited for when we can do something that’s completely our own aesthetic.” Pretty much, glass bags are not going anywhere, so while you may not be able to get your hands on your own, get ready to see them all over the streets of Los Angeles.

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