Demi Moore & Angela Bassett Prove the Power of the Surreal Power Suit

Angela Bassett and Demi Moore at the Schiaparelli and Neiman Marcus Cocktail Event at the John Sowde...
Michael Buckner/WWD/Getty Images

Angela Bassett and Demi Moore coupled up in Los Angeles for a Schiaparelli x Neiman Marcus event, and mixed amongst other stars like Olivia Wilde, Regina King, and Gabrielle Union. But it was the pair’s black-and-white, surrealist power suits from the brand which really stole the show.

Bassett who opted for the longer, more traditional version of the two. The actress showed up in a simple pair of tailored pants that pooled neatly near her leather heels. In true Schiaparelli fashion, though, it was her cropped, black and gold blazer that really gave her look its surrealist edge.

The piece, which Bassett wore on its own, was painted with metallic gold motifs throughout—with stripes on the arm and a more abstract print on the body of the coat. From there, creative director Daniel Roseberry continued to work his magic.

Michael Buckner/WWD/Getty Images

Traditional buttons were replaced with closures in the shape of an “S,” ear, and eye on the front and cuffs of the piece. And to round everything out, Bassett carried a white top handle bag etched with similar fantastical designs.

Moore, for her part, kept with the surreal feel of Bassett’s look but almost in reverse. Instead of a black ensemble and white accessories, she went with the opposite formula. Up top, her strong shouldered sweater was designed in a fuzzy white fabric and featured swirling black trim down the front and near the cuffs.

Her skirt followed a similar fashion to her top with the black details being used in place of a traditional hemline. Moore then completed her ensemble with a black “Nose” bag, sheer tights, and white sock heels.

From the Beyoncé and Taylor Swift meet up to now, a pair of Hollywood legends coming together, there’s been some pretty major star power going on in the past few days. Plus some surreal power suits? Truly a winning formula.