Diane Keaton Found Out She's The Face Of Coastal Grandmas

Still from "Something's Gotta Give"
Courtesy of Sony

There are more niche fashion trends floating around TikTok than one can realistically keep track of, and new ones seem to pop up every time you refresh your “For You Page”. The “vibe shift” has brought back indie sleaze and the height of Tumblr fashion, more and more are sneaking into their aunties’ closets to score a pashmina shawl, and Bridgerton season two has turned the opera glove market on its head. But one trend has become so pervasive, and has managed to cut through the noise so successfully, that it has even caught the eye of style icon Diane Keaton.

We have Lex Nicoleta to thank for that. The TikToker shared a video in late March explaining the aesthetic she coined, “coastal grandmother,” which she describes as “Martha Stewart–adjacent, not fully Ina Garten...Nancy Meyers chic.” In a video set to “This Will Be” by Natalie Cole (a coastal grandmother anthem), Nicoleta describes the trend as photos of Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give flash in the background. Keaton’s character in the Meyer’s film has become the poster child for coastal grandmothers, and the actress seems to be struggling as she comes to terms with it.

In a surprisingly well-edited video posted on Keaton’s Instagram on Thursday, scenes from the 2004 film are cut together to make the actress look like, instead of writing a heartbreakingly personal play, as her character does in the movie, she’s furiously googling, “what is a coastal grandmother?” While pulling tissues and letting the tears flow, we see Keaton explore a People headline on the topic and watching Nicoleta’s TikTok. The clip ends with Keaton on...well, the coast, seemingly finally ready to embrace her role as the queen of the coastal kingdom.

And if anyone is sitting by her side on that throne, it’s Meyers, who also recently learned about the term and can’t get over its popularity. “This article says the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic has garnered over 1 billion views on TikTok!” Meyers wrote on Instagram alongside a headline from Refinery 29. “Typo?? That’s a lot of views for a pair of khaki pants, a GAP sweater and a bucket hat!”

But hey, how can you blame those who want nothing more than to sit on the porch of a Hamptons house in a white button, sipping red wine, and reading Ellen Hilderbrand’s latest novel without a care in the world? While other TikTok aesthetics have followers running to Shein in order to keep up, coastal grandmother feels like it’s just as much about embracing the ease of life as it is about wearing a straw hat and white knit sweater. It’s no wonder it’s catching on, then. Just like Meyer’s movies, embracing the coastal grandmother aesthetic can almost feel like an escape from the uniforms and schedules of daily life, something all of us can use from time to time.