Emily Ratajkowski Turned a Swimsuit into Concert Attire

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a deep plunging bathing suit and mini skirt to Bad Bunny's concert at Yank...

It seems that beachwear-turned-streetwear is becoming a last minute contender for trend of the summer. Earlier this month, Kendall Jenner paired a sarong-style skirt with loafers to run errands in Los Angeles and now, Emily Ratajkowski is wearing swimsuits to concerts, and she’s doing so pretty convincingly.

If anyone was going to transition swimsuits away from the water, it makes sense that it’s EmRata. She does own the popular swimwear brand, Inamorata, and as temperatures cool down, the New York City-based model has to get creative when it comes to ways to promote her brand. So, on Sunday night, Ratajkowski grabbed a one-piece suit with a plunging neckline and zebra print pattern from her line and wore it to the Bad Bunny at Yankee Stadium. The model paired the swimsuit with black cowboy boots (her favorite footwear as of late) and a low-slung khaki skirt, cut to a very short length—possibly a Miu Miu mini, or maybe just Ratajkowski embracing her inner Julia Fox and slashing up some khakis on her own.

Ratajkowski’s innovative styling is a reminder that, if you ever feel bored with your current closet inventory, try opening up your swimsuit drawer and root around in there for a bit. And its not just one-pieces that could work in this regard—bikinis and bralettes are very much accepted as tops these days.

In a set of Instagram photos, the model showed off the unique look while sharing her excitement to be at the Bad Bunny concert. “Can you tell we had fun seeing Benito last night?!” Ratajkowski captioned her post, which featured a number of photos and videos of the model enjoying the artist. The performance was in conjunction with the MTV Video Music Awards last night, but was also a stop on his World's Hottest Tour. After performing his song “Tití Me Preguntó,” Bad Bunny was awarded Artist of the Year and gave a speech to the audience in the stadium.

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