Emma Stone Trades In Her Met Gala Wedding Dress For A Chic Suit

Emma Stone in a suit

One of the most ubiquitous trends this spring has been brightly colored suits. Over the past few weeks, celebrities of all stripes have stepped out in tailored sets rendered in shocking colors, and it has been fun to see the rainbow of looks on the city streets and red carpets. Sometimes, though, you just crave a nice, neutral suit, and Emma Stone is here to remind us why. The actress attended an event in Athens on Thursday to promote her new short film, Bleat, and followed up her Met Gala appearance with another simple, yet chic look.

For the screening, Stone wore her beloved Louis Vuitton, per usual. For the Met Gala, Stone rewore a wedding dress the brand’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, designed for her himself, but on Thursday, Stone opted to just pull from Ghesquière’s most recent collection. The actress chose a relaxed-fit, light blue suit with oversized labels and a draped detail on the jacket. The set could have overwhelmed the actress, but she cuffed the legs and scrunched up the sleeves in a way that perfected the proportions while also exuding a cool, undone attitude. On the runway, the suit was styled with a printed yellow shirt underneath and topped with a checked jacket, but Stone kept the styling simple, pairing the piece with silver Louis Vuitton open-toed heels and two dainty necklaces.


Stone was joined at the event by Bleat’s director, Yorgos Lanthimos. The short film is the pair’s second project together after 2018’s The Favourite and the first of two collaborations between Stone and Lanthimos set for this year. A full-length feature, Poor Things, based on the 1992 book by Alasdair Gray of the same name, is in the works as well. The movie also stars Willem Dafoe, Margaret Qualley, and Mark Ruffalo and tells the story of a women who drowns herself to escape an abusive husband, only to be saved by her eccentric scientist father, who replaces her brain with that of an unborn child.

These projects will hopefully mean we will get to see more of Stone in the future. The actress has been laying low since the release of her 2021 film, Cruella, but with films to promote, Stone may be stepping out more in the upcoming months, likely in Louis Vuitton, of course.

Victor Boyko/Getty Images