Celebs Signal Spring is Here By Breaking Out a Rainbow of Suits

Olivia Wilde speaks onstage during CinemaCon 2022
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Black, blue, and gray suits will always remain a go-to, a classic staple to have in your closet (which Zendaya proved very recently). But for now, that’s where they can stay because the sun is coming out, the weather is getting warming, and it’s time to bring some color back into your wardrobe. We should have seen it coming, as colorful suits were heavily represented on the runways these past two seasons, but they’ve finally made their way into the hands of stylists and onto the backs of celebrities, and now, bright suits are having a major moment.

It seems to have begun early this month, when Julia Roberts was running around New York City to promote her new show, Gaslit. The actress was spotted outside The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in a buttery yellow custom suit from Lafayette 148 New York, her smile beaming almost as much as her outfit. Roberts went on to wear two more suits that same day, a Moschino and Gucci, respectively, but neither stood out quite as much as the first yellow ensemble.

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Just a few days later, and it was Blake Lively’s turn to try the trend out for size. The actress stepped out in her own eye-catching look, an orange Sergio Hudson spring 2022 suit. Unlike Roberts’ color choice, though, this wasn’t a muted orange, but an almost-neon hue, one that demanded attention, which Lively of course received.

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It seems like orange is having a moment because when Sarah Paulson attended an event hosted by Burberry recently, she too showed up in a suit of the same color. Her’s, though, was a bit more dynamic, featuring a pleated skirt over the wide leg pants, as well as a vest underneath and a bag to match.

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At that point, Viola Davis decided to show us how it’s done, and she doubled down on suiting while promoting The First Lady in New York City. It began on Tuesday, when Davis opted for a peach set for an appearance on The View, a standard look, which she paired with a matching shirt to keep the whole ensemble monochrome. But she didn’t stop there, on Wednesday, the actress was suited up again, this time in an electric yellow number, a custom blazer, pant, and cotton shirt from Lafayette 148 New York, a brand that is clearly trying to get on top of this bright suit trend. While the peach suit was colorful and demure, the yellow ensemble radiated off her, turning Davis into the human embodiment of the sun.

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Suits are such classic pieces with simple, canonical silhouettes, which allow them to be the perfect canvas for an unexpected color, and when we say the trend is popping up everywhere, we mean it. On Tuesday, Olivia Wilde joined in when she wore a gorgeous deep blue Alberta Ferretti fall/winter 2022 suit to present the first trailer of her new movie, Don’t Worry Dariling, at Cinema Con in Las Vegas. Like Roberts, Wilde and her stylist, Karla Welch, used the shoes as an opportunity to break up the monochrome, pairing the outfit with pepto pink pointed-toe pumps, making for a delicious color story.

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Clearly, Welch is a fan of the trend, as she put another client, Elisabeth Moss, in a similarly chic suit for her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The actress, who was there to discuss her new show, The Shining Girls, wore a satin suit with wide-leg pants and a corset top underneath, giving Lively’s orange Hudson a run for its money.

In just a few weeks, six bright suits have been spotted on some of our favorite stars (four of which were in just two days), so it’s probably safe to say this trend will only expand as spring continues. Make sure you have your sunglasses handy, because it these five looks are any indication, the suits are only going to get brighter.