Cardi B and Hailey Bieber Are Unexpected Style Twins Thanks to a Black Catsuit

Hailey B and Cardi B wearing black Saint Laurent jumpsuits

There are some celebs that you would expect to gravitate toward similar pieces of clothing. Kris Jenner has been known to steal from the closets of her daughters, Lady Gaga once wore the safety-pinned Versace gown made famous by Elizabeth Hurley, and remember when everyone was wearing the same Miu Miu set? Nothing too shocking there. It’s when two unexpected celebs who usually have very different aesthetics opt for the same piece that we take notice. So, when Cardi B shared photos in a look previously worn by Hailey Bieber, it came as quite the surprise.

Earlier this week, Cardi B wore a velvet, long-sleeved Saint Laurent jumpsuit while celebrating her five-year wedding anniversary with Offset. The rapper posted photos of the look on her Instagram Story, showing how she styled the jumpsuit with crystal-covered heels, large silver earrings, and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.


If the jumpsuit looks familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen it before. Apparently, it’s the go-to piece when celebrating a special occasion because Hailey Bieber wore the same one last November to ring in her 25th birthday. When it came to styling, Bieber didn’t stray too far from how it was originally presented on the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2022 runway. She wore the same PVC heels and cinched the ruched jumpsuit with a crystal-embellished belt. Bieber then added some diamond earrings and a bow to her half-up hairdo.

Both women pulled off the look, making this a very hard game of who wore it better. Instead, then, we’ll call it a draw. Besides, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re starting off with a base like Anthony Vaccarello’s luxe jumpsuit.

Francois Durand/Getty Images