Iris Law’s Latest Style Must-Haves are Woodland-Inspired

Iris Law wears a green jumpsuit, graphic t-shirt, and brown cardigan in Instagram post.

Ah, don’t we all wish we could take pottery courses and wear fairy-inspired frocks in the Japanese countryside like Iris Law? The 22-year-old model and daughter of actors Jude Law and Sadie Frost (we’ll let her “nepo baby” status slide for now), has been showing her wholesome day-to-day and nymph-like outfits across Instagram and TikTok recently.

Though Law has long been known for her bleached pixie cut, she’s recently been mixing it up with long, skinny braids, dispersed tiny pigtails, and the occasional butterfly clip or hair accessory from Sandy Liang. She’s also taken a liking to crown-like headpieces (embroidered with pastel flowers) that she wears towards the back of her hairstyle.

Style-wise, Law’s recent looks are a cross between a modern Tinker Bell, the simplicity of the prairie, and the edge of a Miu Miu it-girl (think the Italian brand’s latest collection which had loads of floral embroidery and tiny sweaters). A light brown cardigan (that her friend mended, according to a TikTok) is a staple in many outfits, while other pieces like a dark green, wide-leg jumpsuit and a blue baby doll dress add a jolt of color. Accessories are equally as playful with chunky rings, bold-framed glasses, and ballet flats.

While Law has graced the runways of major fashion brands in recent years, it’s nice to see her outside the hustle and bustle of the industry. Her recent social media-documented activities include: trying the breakfast buffet at her small hotel, spotting deer in the town of Nara, and yes, making her own matcha whisk out of bamboo.