Jenna Ortega Mixes Preppy and Goth With a Unique Accessory

Jenna ortega

Sorry Airpods. It girls seem to prefer wired headsets. There’s an entire Instagram account documenting the trend, but while the Bella Hadids of the world tend to prefer Apple’s classic corded earbuds, Jenna Ortega wants something a little more powerful. She proved as much when she wore a set of over-ear headphones out to an event as just another accessory to compliment her look.

On Sunday night, Ortega attended a pre-Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards event thrown by Netflix in West Hollywood. The actress attended in her usual dark, preppy look, this time courtesy of Thom Browne. The ensemble featured a two-toned pleated skirt, cropped button down and black skinny tie. Ortega finished off the ensemble with some black loafers and gray ankle socks, as well as a pair of black headphones around her neck. But Ortega wasn’t just using these headphones to listen to tunes or catch up on the latest episode of her favorite podcast en route to the venue, they remained on all night, effectively becoming part of the outfit. Inside the event, the actress posed with her Wednesday costar, Emma Myers, with the headphones in full view.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The accessory even proved useful at one point when the actress actually put them on when she stepped outside the event. Maybe, she was listening to The Cramps’ song “Goo Goo Muck” she helped repopularize with her dance scene in the Netflix series.

James Starr / BACKGRID

Ortega’s dedication to over-the-ear headphones is nothing new. In fact she’s been wearing them for awhile. Who knows, maybe she’ll even work them into her Golden Globes look on Tuesday night.