Even In a “Quiet Luxury” Look, Jennifer Lopez Can’t Help But Get Loud

Jennifer Lopez at the Brunello Cucinelli Dinner held on October 19, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
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Though Brunello Cucinelli has been heralded as the epitome of quiet luxury (which, for the most part, their designs do embody) Jennifer Lopez is on a mission to prove that the Italian label isn’t just all about muted wardrobe essentials. On Thursday, the singer and actress stepped out for an event hosted by the brand—and her look was anything but quiet.

Lopez hit the step and repeat in Los Angeles wearing a white satin maxi skirt—once inside, she later added on a matching blazer. And though the high-waisted piece featured some delicate draping, it was her top that really turned the stealth wealth craze on its head.

The piece was an ab-baring crop top that mimicked the shape of a traditional tuxedo vest. It was designed in a silver sequined fabric, a stark departure from the brand’s usual choice of cashmere and satin. The glittery makeup of the piece was certainly the focus, with two black buttons and a small slit up the front being the only other details.

BFA for Brunello Cucinelli

For some added sparkle, Lopez went with a diamond bracelet and layered stacks of thin necklaces in a slightly lighter shade than her top. To round out the look, she carried a black leather clutch and tied her hair into a high-low style.

Although to much of the Internet, Brunello Cuccinelli may best be aligned with brands like Loro Piana, they do in fact produce a well-balanced mix of more neutral pieces as well as those like Lopez’s crop tank top. Which probably explains why the singer has such a connection to the brand—her recent style often mixes more basic styles with a hint of, well, “loud” luxury.

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Earlier this month, Lopez was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a monochromatic off-duty look that consisted of a form-fitting turtleneck and baggy cargo pants. As if the abnormal pocket sizes weren’t enough to spice things up, Lopez cradled one of her many Birkin bags in her arm (which, often, cost more than a down payment on a house).

Late last week, she spiced up an ivory evening dress with a vision-obscuring pair of gold sunglasses and surreal jewelry. Even if part’s of Lopez’s looks are quiet, she isn’t afraid to get loud. After all, she has a song talking about just that.