Jodie Turner-Smith Updates Lingerie Stylings In Milan

Jodie Turner-Smith attends the exclusive Pomellato High Jewelry Collection Launch Event at Museo del...
Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A Victorian corset? Leave it to Jodie Turner-Smith to bring an age old lingerie piece into the modern day. Last night, Turner-Smith transformed a whimsy goddess dress during Pomellato’s high jewelry event in Milan, Italy.

The actress slipped into a feather-trimmed maxi dress and a matching corset both from the New York-based brand Retrofête. Turner-Smith’s gown combined the best assets of the naked dressing trend, from a sheer skirt to a draped cowl neckline, with plenty of party-ready accents like feather plumes and teensy spaghetti straps. Instead of sporting the sand-colored dress solo, which Turner-Smith could have pulled off with aplomb just as easily, she instead opted to layer a matching corset on top.

Her lingerie piece began just below her bust and featured lace-up details and garter straps. Turner-Smith topped off her outfit with a multi-color Pomellato necklace, a pair of coordinating chandelier earrings, and open-toe nude heels. Corsets, once worn underneath garments in the olden days, have quickly become Hollywood’s secret red carpet weapon. Here, Turner-Smith managed to bring a corset reminiscent of the Victorian era into the modern era.

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s been a fashion-filled past few weeks for Turner-Smith who has been out and about promoting her new show Star Wars: The Acolyte. Earlier this month, the actress kicked off her feather play on the streets of Manhattan, wearing a plume-filled matching set from the emerging brand Shushu/Tong’s fall 2024 collection. She also dabbled in another iteration of the bow trend in the form of a knitted Wiederhoeft look.

This more lingerie-forward moment is in keeping with current red carpet trends, yes, but it also feels entirely different from something like Kim Kardashian’s waist-snatching Met Gala corset that might’ve caused her some health problems. There’s a certain ease to the actress’s layering play here. Almost like she preferred to use her lingerie piece as an accent to her gown rather than serve as the entire attraction.