Julia Fox is the Champion of Low Rise Skirts We Need Right Now

Julia Fox
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Leave it to Julia Fox to tirelessly support what she feels is an important trend. As Y2K style continue to pound on the door of the modern fashion industry, and the ubiquity of mini skirts, corsets, and butterfly imagery persist on both the runway and social media, one noughties trend has fallen a bit to the side, failing to reach as much popularity in its adoption. The low-rise bottoms, which seem set to take over the terrain previously ruled by high-waisted pieces, have been adopted by models and celebrities, but seem slower to reach full popularity among the masses. It could be that many feel uncomfortable showing so much skin, when a high-waisted counterpart allows for a lot more coverage. Or maybe, the fear of a wardrobe malfunction in the lower region is too big a risk to take. Either way, many have left the look to the likes of Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, and of course, Fox.

Throughout her past three months in the public eye, Fox has become known for many things—her relationship with Kanye West, of course, her intense black eye makeup, and her propensity to challenge the nature of physics when putting on her pants in the morning. The actress has proven a complete devotion to low-rise bottoms, even recently cutting a pair of jeans so they would just skim the top of her butt. And as we’ve learned about Fox during this recent period, it’s that when she finds something she likes, she sticks with it. After a positive response to her first DIY project, the podcast host stepped out again in another Fox original, this one made from a Hanes tank top.

Fox cut the “husband beater”—as she referred to it in her Instagram tutorial—in half, so the skirt sat perfectly on her hip bones and the top allowed for just a hint of under boob. She then glammed up the simple look with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti thigh-high black leather boots, some matching, scrunched leather gloves, and a black Balenciaga Hourglass bag.

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But Fox was not done for the day after her stroll around Los Angeles in her self-made set. She later traded one low-rise skirt in for another. On Thursday night, the actress attended an event hosted by Net-A-Porter and Laquan Smith and Fox changed into a more evening-appropriate look courtesy of Smith—a long black (of course, low-waisted) skirt with a fold-over red sequin detail at the waist, with a matching sequined bandeau on top. The look is from Smith’s Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection, a show Fox opened when it was presented back in February.

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Of course, Fox attended the event in what is quickly becoming her signature, dark-lidded eye makeup, another example of Fox staying exceedingly loyal to a trend. Most likely, these Fox-isms aren’t going anywhere, so, expect a lot more low-waisted bottoms, Instagram tutorials, and heavy black eyeliner in Fox’s future. In our estimation, she’s just getting started.

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