Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid Matched Their Street-Style Looks in Paris

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner wearing black
Photos by Marc Piasecki via Getty Images

On Wednesday afternoon in Paris, Kendall Jenner joined Bella Hadid in delivering more of the street style we’d been missing. In a shift from repping vintage Jean Paul Gaultier, the fellow models embraced a slightly newer trend: big bottoms and tiny tops. (The better to showcase their sculpted midriffs.) They wore a similar silhouette on the runway of Simon Porte Jacquemus’s first show since July of 2020.

Both dressed in head-to-toe black, accessorizing with oval-shaped sunglasses. Hadid took a more casual approach to her ensemble, pairing a baggy pair of dark-wash jeans with white stitching with a long-sleeved shirt held together by a teeny gold clasp. She also added a bit of personality, in the form of a furry caramel-colored purse; single rainbow nail, in a nod to the last day of Pride Month; and a black N95 mask.

Jenner kept it sophisticated and classic in a knee-length skirt with a dramatic slit, worn with a simple black purse. In contrast to Hadid’s square-toed sandals, she rounded things out with high-heeled boots that stretched up her knees.

Bella Hadid arriving to a fitting on June 28, 2021 in Paris, France.

Photo by Pierre Suu/GC via Getty Images

Hadid and Jenner embraced the juxtaposed silhouette before arriving to Paris, too. Jenner has proven fond of vests, whether open or fully buttoned, while Hadid has put the focus on her lower half with a series of statement pants. She attended last week’s Dior men’s show in an asymmetrical black tank top with green python-printed jeans and a matching briefcase and met up with Jacquemus ahead of the show in black pants with a cinched cutout on her lower waist. In between, she shared yet another similar look on Instagram: a pink version of the teeniest of Jacquemus crop tops that Jenner wore on the runway perfect for the heat wave awaiting them in the U.S.