Kendall Jenner Defends Her Controversial Dress Choice for Her Friend’s Wedding Last Year

Kendall Jenner, Lauren Perez, and David Waltzer on Instagram

The saga of Kendall Jenner’s controversial wedding guest dress continues. Finally, months after the model wore a very revealing gown to her best friend’s Miami wedding—a piece that everyone seemed to have an opinion on—she (and the bride) is finally speaking out.

Ahead of the new year, Lauren Perez, the bride in question, took to Instagram to share some photos from “the greatest night of 2021,” her wedding. In the pictures, we see Perez and her new husband, along with some of her A-list bridesmaids, including Jenner and Bella Hadid. In the photos from the reception, Jenner is wearing a cutout black dress from Mônot’s spring/summer 2022 collection. When Jenner first shared photos of the dress on her Instagram Story the night of the wedding back in November, it caused quite a stir, with many people saying the dress wasn’t appropriate for a wedding and was disrespectful to the bride. Jenner stayed quiet on the subject, as she usual does—that is until last week.

Under Perez’s Instagram, one person commented that they were “embarrassed” for Kendall, calling the dress “inappropriate” for a wedding. At that point, Perez stepped in to defend her friend. “She looked stunning and I loved it,” the newlywed commented. Jenner then entered the conversation in order to clarify the situation. “Obvi I asked for your approval in advance too,” she wrote, adding “we love a beach wedding,” effectively ending the conversation. What the bride says, goes, and the bride said yes to Jenner’s dress.

Jenner is hardly the only one wearing revealing gowns these days, albeit she is only in wearing such a piece to a wedding. Megan Thee Stallion wore a dress from the same Mônot collection to the Glamour Women of the Year Awards last year and just last week, Dua Lipa opted for a similar look for her brother’s birthday party. Whether you like it or not, extreme cutout are in, are they’re bound to continue to cause a stir.