Lil’ Kim and Sadie Sink Agree: Wear the Prada Logo in Your Hair

Lil' Kim and Sadie Sink in Prada hair badges.
Paras Griffin (L) / Emma McIntyre (R) / Getty Images

We don’t necessarily expect rap icon Lil’ Kim and 19-year-old Stranger Things star Sadie Sink to have all that much in common style-wise—and yet, both stepped out on the red carpet in the past few days in the same statement accessory: Prada’s famed triangular logo badge affixed in their hair. Yes, the Italian house’s subtle branding, which helped rocket it to major status in the ‘90s by adorning the outside of its nylon handbags, has been reinvented as the summer’s must-have hair accessory.

It was Lil’ Kim, of course, who first debuted the item on the red carpet on Sunday’s BET Awards. She wore the single hair clip version in white on blonde bangs peeking out of a hood. It’s only appropriate Kim would get the honor. She’s a celebrity pioneer when it comes to wearing fashion labels’ branding in her hair. Two of her wigs from the ‘90s—one bearing Versace’s iconic greca pattern and the other featuring Chanel’s double C logo—are the stuff of legend. (Beyoncé even re-created the latter look for a Halloween costume in 2017.) So Kim’s Prada hair was not only a headline-making placement for the piece, but also a smart ode to her own fashion legacy. The branding continued into the rest of Kim’s look: the badge also adorned her belt bag and white Prada boots (which, you’ll notice, also include tiny Prada bags around the ankle).

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

On Monday night, Sink stepped out to continue the trend at the premiere of her upcoming Netflix project, The Fear Street Trilogy at Los Angeles State Historic Park. Sink, too, wore a full Prada look, though this time in black. Sink opted for the double barrette version of the accessory, wearing the badges to part her trademark red hair. The logo motif continues to both her bandeau top and her shoes. It’s official—the Prada badge is no longer just for your handbag.

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images