M3GAN Is Officially a Hype Beast

m3gan for heaven
Universal Pictures

Since its launch in 2020, Marc Jacob’s grunge-inspired, nostalgia-heavy sublabel Heaven has proven to have something for everyone. Gen-Z immediately glommed onto the brand, snatching up their re-issued Kiki boots, and following the lead of celeb fans like Olivia Rodrigo and Doja Cat. Millenials and Gen X were brought in with the help of well-casted campaigns, like that of Mena Suvari recreating her iconic American Beauty roses moment, or the brand’s more recent shot which, featured popular names like Tara Reid and Michael Imperioli in its lineup. And now, Heaven is proving to cater to AI as well, but not just any form of artificial intelligence—everyone’s favorite “Titanium” singing, killer doll, M3GAN.

That’s right, on Tuesday, M3GAN appeared on Heaven’s Instagram in shots from photographer Harley Weir. Styled by Danielle Emerson, the AI doll is wearing a “God Help Me” zip-up hoodie from the brand’s collab with streetwear label Stray Rats, which employed much of the Deftones’ album imagery in its pieces. Paired with what seems to be a mini skirt and some lug-sole knee-high boots, M3GAN looks ready to take on Dimes Square, or perhaps the Music Hall in Williamsburg for a Deftones concert where she can do find some room in the back by the bar to do her viral dance to “Change.”

The look is definitely a step up from the tan, bow-adorned mini dress M3GAN wore in her hit eponymous film which premiered earlier this year. Though, even that outfit included the increasingly popular shoe choice of Mary Janes, proving maybe M3GAN has been a style icon all along. Either way, these new photos officially introduce the doll into the world of fashion, and this could very well be just the beginning of her modeling career. I mean, she is kind of a nepo baby, being the daughter of Allison Williams and all, so doors will likely glide open for her. Next thing you know, she’s going to shave off her eyebrows and start posting nonsensical photo dumps on Instagram.

Perhaps, M3GAN’s writer Akela Cooper and director Gerard Johnstone can include this new hype beast AI storyline in the film’s upcoming sequel. Apparently, the pair is struggling with the “daunting” challenge of living up to the first film’s success, but at this point, reality has become stranger than fiction, and this second movie is just writing itself.